An illegal immigrant wearing an Obama Hat marching to the United States was one of the many disturbing events I encountered while making my way toward the Bajo Chiquito Camp for illegals coming to the United States. The Bajo Chiquito Camp is located along the Darién Gap, which connects North and South America. Seafront Panama, which is Panama’s Border Patrol, informed me that 2,000 illegal immigrants a day, destined for the United States of America, pass through his country. United Nations-backed organizations are directly helping illegals make their way through Panama. The citizens of Panama informed me that they hope President Trump wins the election, as the illegal immigrant caravans have deeply harmed Panama. Biden’s open borders have created an international humanitarian crisis.

In the Darien Gap, I encountered a migrant invader who was wearing an Obama hat and carrying a child on his back. The Darien Gap is not a safe location for children as the presence of cartels combined with the river and jungle make the area deadly. I asked the illegal immigrant where he was from, and he replied, “Venezuela.” I then asked him where he was going, and he said, “The United States.”

Unsurprisingly, Democrats accused the Obama picture of being fake. The Left is desperate not to face blame for the horrific conditions they are putting children through. Following the posting of this photo, I then shared a video showing the illegal immigrant wearing an Obama hat approaching the van. NGOs and the United Nations have had a long history of passing out old sports and campaign attire to residents of third-world countries. It is essential to point out that the man wearing the Obama hat’s wife had on an old Philadelphia 76ers jersey.

While at the Bajo Chiquito Camp, I interviewed a member of Seafront Panama, the Panama border portal. As I conducted the interview, unsupervised children were swimming in the dangerous Rio Tuquesa River. Illegal immigrants destined for the United States also came in on boats in the river to make their way to the camp. As people make their way off the boats, they are welcomed to the camp by United Nations-backed organizations like Doctors Without Borders and HIAS, who give the illegal immigrants coming to the United States food, water, and medical care.

I asked the member of Seafront Panama, “How many illegal immigrants destined for the United States make their way through the Darién Gap a day?”

He replied, “around 2,000 a day, but some days the number could reach as high as 4,000.”

While at the camp, I also interviewed Jairo, a local Panamanian guide who says he cannot believe what is happening in his country. Jario told me that the migrant crisis is very bad for his country and that he blames Joe Biden for it. Jairo hopes that President Trump wins the 2024 election so the illegal migrants stop coming to Panama.


Joe Biden and his open border policies have unleashed an international crisis affecting thousands of young children. Because of this, Americans are not the only ones hoping that President Trump wins reelection in the fall.

Laura Loomer