Tennessee State Senator Frank Niceley pulled his SB2838 bill following Loomer’s findings that the legislation in question could prevent Volunteer State presidential electors from voting for President Trump by denying them the right to vote for “candidates whose eligibility for office is in question or doubt at the time of the vote.” The bill could also disqualify all Republicans from the Tennessee state ballot. Niceley pulled his legislation less than 24 hours after Loomer’s reporting.

According to Tennessee General Assembly records, SB2838 was withdrawn on Tuesday. SB 2838’s Tennessee House companion, HB2800, was pulled on Thursday.

In a series of posts on Tuesday, Niceley blamed his staff and claimed he did not know the content in SB 2838. One of Niceley’s posts read, “It was a companion version of a bill drawn up for a House member as a courtesy. I was told this was not the intent, nevertheless the flawed bill has been withdrawn.”

The critical part of SB2838 read, “Effective immediately upon the adoption of this act, presidential electors for this state are prohibited from casting a vote for any presidential or vice presidential candidate whose eligibility for office is in question or doubt at the time of the vote, and until such time as the candidate has been properly investigated and cleared of any reasonable doubt.”

Another horrific part of the bill allowed for Republicans to be kicked off Tennessee’s ballot if Trump’s ballot eligibility came into question, with the key part reading, “Further, the party involved in failing in their duty to only present qualified candidates for ballot access may be disqualified from presenting candidates in future elections.”

If SB2838 was law and a woke local elected official from Nashville or Memphis wanted to challenge Trump’s ballot eligibility in Tennessee just before the presidential election. If that woke local elected official wins their case, even if it is only at a lower level court, presidential electors from Tennessee are not allowed to vote for Trump even if Trump wins the state. Obviously, there would be appeals, but the Left would use the appeals to run out the clock. If Tennessee electors are not sent to Congress by January 6th, 2025, they cannot be counted.

Continuing the what-if scenario, suppose Biden wins Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Nevada while Trump achieves victory in Wisconsin and Michigan. If Tennessee votes are out of commission, the electoral college would be 267 to 260. This could lead to a contingent election, which happens if no candidate reaches 270 votes, leading to the United States Congress voting for the next president.

Loomer commented on Niceley pulling his bill, writing, “I guess you could say this was “nicely” done on my part. I still don’t buy @SenFrankNiceley’s claim that he didn’t know what was in the bill. You don’t sign your name to bills if you don’t know what’s in the bill. I think he’s lying. I don’t believe he’s loyal to Trump.”

Loomer prevented a potential election interference catastrophe. This is yet another example of Loomer Unleashed leading the charge to preserve free and fair elections in the United States of America.