Friday’s Fani Willis hearing was not as dramatic as Thursday’s because Willis decided not to take the stand on Friday at the last moment. However, Willis’s father, John Floyd, a member of the radical Black Panthers, provided many fireworks during his testimony, which led to many questions. One colossal question arose when Floyd stated that he lived in South Africa until 2019. South Africa is one of China’s biggest allies. Floyd later said that he knew in 2019 that COVID-19 would become a pandemic in 2020. Floyd, like his daughter Fani, had a short temper and used “racism” as reasoning to avoid answering critical questions.

John Floyd informed the court that he was living in Johannesburg, South Africa, until 2019, when he then had to move back to the United States for “some reasons,” refusing to specifically inform the court of what the reasons were. Once he returned to the United States, Floyd lived with his daughter, Fani Willis.

South Africa is one of China’s closest allies. Floyd informed the court during his testimony that he knew in 2019 that COVID-19 would become a pandemic in 2020. Floyd credited his time in South Africa for his knowledge of this critical bit of information. Many people believe that China released COVID-19 to stop President Trump. Is John Floyd the link in a potential Democrat collusion effort with the CCP to get Trump jailed before the election? This could explain where Fani Willis is getting her wads of cash from.

Floyd attempted to cover for his daughter’s cash source by saying, “I am not trying to sound racist, but hiding cash is a black thing.” Floyd did not reveal the source of Willis’s cash. Instead, Floyd continued to mutter ramblings that essentially accused everyone in the court of being racist. It is important to note that stoking racial tensions is an attack CCP agents use against the American public.

Loomer commented on Floyd’s remarks, writing, “Wow. Is she going to use her blackness as a defense for being a criminal? This is unreal.”

Leftists accused Loomer of racism over her comments and told her to join the KKK. Loomer fired back, writing, “Ma’am. Once again. I was told I’m too Jewish to be accepted into the KKK. Please help me so I don’t fail. Do you think a disguise would help? Let’s brainstorm. I have a long flight and would love your feedback. I didn’t realize they would be so non-inclusive. I was told being Jewish was my pass for acceptance everywhere in life. But even the tallest white hat in the world didn’t get me through the door.”

Friday was yet another disaster for Democrats in the courtroom. The Left is learning the hard way that spreading lies about President Trump and his supporters and making fake cries of racism does not work in the halls of justice. President Trump’s Fulton County case will be dropped soon. America’s justice system is still fair and equal.

Charles Downs