Judge Engoron ruled that President Trump must pay $355 million after finding him “guilty” of fraud. Engoron made this ruling despite there being no victims in the case. Loomer has led the charge in exposing Judge Engoron’s biases, which include his wife, Dawn Marie’s public anti-Trump hatred during the trial. Loomer also revealed that Engoron colluded with Never-Trump attorney Michael Cohen while the judge was issuing subpoenas for President Trump’s children. Despite the clear conflict of interest, Engoron was still allowed to rule on this case.

Judge Engoron ordered President Trump to pay $350 million. Judge Engoron’s Trump hatred was on full display during his ruling as the deranged judge attacked and punished President Trump’s children by fining Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump $4 million and barring them from doing business in New York for three years.

Loomer revealed in a bombshell that Judge Engoron’s wife, Marie, had been posting anti-Trump writings during the trial, using an X account with the profile name @dm_sminxs. One of Marie’s posts had a picture that read, “F*** Trump.”

In another post, Dawn Marie shared a photo of President Trump in jail.

Dawn Marie also revealed she is a big fan of Whoopi Goldberg’s Trump hate by posting a meme of Whoopi mocking Trump lawyer Alina Habba.

President Trump shared Loomer’s reporting, captioning the photos, “This is the judge’s wife and family that are putting these things out. I am not entitled to a Jury under this Statute. Can this be happening in America? This is the most unfair Trial in the History of New York, and I’ve had some pretty unfair Trials!”

Loomer commented on her findings writing, “: I have Uncovered screenshots from the X account of Dawn Marie Engoron, the wife of Leftist NYC Judge Arthur Engoron, who is overseeing the civil fraud against President Trump shows that she has been posting attacks on Trump from her account @dm_sminxs as the trial is ongoing…Nobody can actually say this is a fair trial!”

Loomer also exclusively revealed that Engoron publicly communicated with federal prosecutor Phillip Halpern via the Wheatley Wildcat Alumni Newsletter. Just prior to their communications, Halpern appeared on Never-Trumper Michael Cohen’s podcast and criticized President Trump. This all happened between September and October 2020, during a time when Judge Engoron was ordering depositions against Trump’s children, making Engoron’s ruling against Trump Jr and Eric even more disgusting.

Engoron’s communications with Halpern violated The New York State Unified Court System’s judicial conduct, specifically Section 100.4, which “prohibits extra-judicial activities that risk conflict with judicial obligations, including those that may cast doubt on a judge’s ability to remain impartial, detract from the dignity of the office, or otherwise interfere with the proper performance of judicial duties.”

If the scales of justice were still balanced in America, Trump’s case would have been dropped months ago. Judge Engoron’s ruling is further proof that President Trump will never be able to receive a fair trial in any Democrat-controlled city. The miscarriage of justice happening to President Trump should scare all Americans.