Another Thursday leads to another disaster for Democrats in a courtroom, this time in Fulton County, Georgia. Fani Willis’s corruption and lies were put on display for the world to see as she testified in a hearing that investigated her misconduct with lead special Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade. Filings from Trump co-defendant Michael Roman state that Wade and Willis had an affair that resulted in Wade receiving special treatment, such as becoming the lead special prosecutor in the Fulton County, Georgia Trump case. Willis also used taxpayer funds to pay for Wade’s divorce. During questioning, Willis informed the court she committed campaign finance fraud and reimbursed Nathan Wade with cash while she used Cash App to reimburse her other employees. Willis also had outbursts saying things like “I don’t drink wine, I drink Grey Goose.” Wade perjured himself on the stand, admitting he lied about his affair with Willis on his interrogatories. Wade’s attorney, Terrence Bradley, informed the court that “the Bar” advised him on how to avoid questioning about Willis and Wade’s affair. All in all, Trump won big on Thursday.

Fani Willis admitted to campaign finance fraud, saying, “When I took out a bunch of money from my first campaign, I kept some of the cash from that.” This is incredibly ironic, considering Willis’s trumped-up charges against President Trump include conspiracy to commit forgery.

In another shocking development, Willis informed the court that she used Cash App to reimburse everyone but her lover, Nathan Wade. This made it evident that Willis was determined to hide her inappropriate relationship with Wade.

Wade informed the court he would pay for trips and cruises he and Willis embarked on, and then Willis would use cash to reimburse Wade. Loomer commented on this development posting, “Lmao is this why she reimbursed him In cash? Never met a prostitute who takes cards. Was Fani Willis paying Nathan Wade for sex?”

Willis also told the court that she reimbursed Wade in cash increments of $500 to $2,500. When asked why she did not use a check, Willis said, “Ma’am, I don’t have checks.”

Nathan Wade also admitted to perjury on the stand. Loomer shared a video of Wade informing the court of his guilt, posting, “Nathan Wade was just made to admit in court that he lied on his interrogatories for his divorce from his wife. He just said he did have sexual relations with Fani Willis before May 30, 2023. When he filed the interrogatory, he said ‘No’. Today he said ‘Yes’. That is PERJURY! He should be disbarred and locked up.”

Disturbing revelations came to light when Terrence Bradley admitted that the Bar coached him to suppress the truth about Willis and Wade’s affair, informing the court, “I am going to refer to what I was told by the Bar. That rule 1.6 confidentiality applies and that I would be asking for an immediate review by the Supreme Court.”

Judge Scott McAfee replied to Wade, “Applies to what?”

Bradley said, “Any communication is what the person at the Bar told us.”

Judge Mcafee, “Any communications? Did you talk to Wade? Is that covered?”

Bradley, “Well, Judge, I don’t know. He didn’t go into specifics.”

Bradley attempting to cover for Willis and Wade by not disclosing details of their affair is not shocking, as Loomer reported back in January that Willis’s office paid Bradley $75,000 to pay off Wade’s divorce bills.


Willis knew she was losing the day, which led to the Fulton County DA screaming weird outbursts like “He (Wade) likes wine. I don’t really like wine, to be honest with you. I like Grey Goose.”

Another strange Willis outburst came when she claimed she would never sleep with someone under her, and Nathan Wade is an agent and not an employee of Fulton County.

If America’s scales of justice are still equal, Trump’s Fulton County case will be dropped in the near future. This Thursday, the world saw how corrupt the election interference process truly is.

Charles Downs