On February 2nd, Loomered Unleashed published “GOP Chairwoman Ronna Romney Spending Limited RNC Funds on Helping Registered Democrat Mazi Melesa Pilip Run as a Republican in NY-3 Special Election.” This article highlights the important fact that Pilip was a registered Democrat and not a supporter of President Trump. In comparison, George Santos, NY-3’s previous Congressman, had one of Congress’s best America First voting records. Despite these facts, Team Haley, Democrats, and the mainstream media are attempting to blame President Trump for the New York-3 special election loss. When in reality, what happened in NY-3 is the fault of Never Trump Republicans.

On February 3rd, Loomer posted a video of Pilip stating that she was a registered Democrat and would become a Republican if she won the NY-3 special election. Loomer captioned this video, writing, “It’s worth noting that in 2021, Democrat, African migrant Mazi Pilip lied and said that she would reregister as a Republican if she won her legislative race in 2021. She won, and got reelected in 2023, but she did not change her affiliation and still remains a registered Dem.”

In another post on February 3rd, Loomer shared New York State voter records showing Philip is a registered Democrat, “Mazi Pilip (if that’s even her real name) is an African migrant and a registered Democrat who is LYING to voters in NY-3 about being a Republican. She HATES Donald Trump and she refuses to comment on the fact that she is a REGISTERED DEMOCRAT.”

The Lincoln Project and Adam Kinzinger falsely blame President Trump for the New York-3 special election loss. This should come as no shock because lying comes very easily to Kinzinger and his Lincoln Project buddies.

President Trump fired back on TruthSocial at those attempting to accuse MAGA for the New York 3 loss, with the vital part of his statement reading, “Just watched this very foolish woman, Mazi Melesa Pilip, running in a race where she didn’t endorse me and tried to straddle the fence, when she would have easily WON if she understood anything about MODERN DAY politics in America. MAGA.”

On Wednesday, Loomer revealed that some Republicans were upset over her warnings about Philip posting, “Tried to warn everybody. But, so many Republicans just cried about me to @TeamTrump and said I was trying to cost Republicans a seat when I was warning People about @maziforcongress. PS:I don’t work for Trump, @GOPChairwoman. So stop bitching about me when I call you out. You helped waste millions of dollars on a Trump hating registered Democrat with dual citizenship. I hope you are perp walked out of the RNC in handcuffs.”

Former New York-3 Congressman George Santos, who had one of the best America First voting records in the whole United States Congress, commented on Tuesday’s developments, “The only person that was in this the whole time was @LauraLoomer…This ill fated loss was all because of personal disputes and because I never bent over to the establishment like they wanted me too. Hey Joe Cairo you dropped this.”

Tuesday’s New York-3 special election proved yet again that Republicans can’t win without the support of MAGA.