On January 17th, Loomer Unleashed published an article titled, “Nikki Haley Thanked Jeffrey Epstein Associate Bill Gates in April 2020 for Helping Construct Covid Vaccines.” Haley’s relationship with Gates grows deeper as FEC records show Bill Gates’s son, Rory Gates, donated to Haley and Stand for America, a super PAC supporting Haley. This should be no surprise as Haley and Gates have mutual friends in the CCP.  Bill Gates is also a Jefferey Epstein associate like Reid Hoffman. Haley ran like a coward when Loomer Unleashed asked Haley if she would call on Stand for America Pac to return their Hoffman donation.

Loomer shared a post from Zach Henry that read, “Rory Gates, son of Democrat mega-donor & billionaire Bill Gates, adds his name to the list of major Democrat donors who have maxed out to Nikki Haley’s campaign. Rory worked for WA Gov Jay Inslee’s failed presidential campaign in 2020 & has also donated to the likes of Sen. Cory Booker and fmr Sen. Doug Jones. I wonder why the son of Bill Gates would be cutting a max check to support Nikki Haley?”

FEC records prove Henry correct as Gates’s son, Rory Gates, has maxed to Nikki Haley’s campaign and donated to Stand for America Pac. Rory also donated to ActBlue. Loomer Unleashed has reported in depth on the 45-plus Democrat Mega donors who have been hosting fundraisers for Haley in February. It should not surprise anyone that Gate’s son donates to Haley.

On April 6th, 2020, Nikki Haley shared an article from The Hill about Bill Gates’s heavy investment into the Covid-19 vaccine. Haley captioned the article, “Thank you @BillGates for donating billions of dollars to construct factories that will manufacture the seven most promising vaccines. This will keep us from losing any time as potential vaccines move through the clinical trial process.” Haley’s timing of praising Gates in April is quite interesting as many consider this time period the height of COVID-19.

Haley and Bill Gates share mutual associates as well. One of these associates is the Chinese Communist Party. CCP President XI once referred to Gates as “an old friend.” Haley, on the other hand, bragged that her delegation was the only delegation from the United States invited to the World Economic Forum in 2007. This event was held in China. Part of Haley’s press release reads, “South Carolina was the only state in the nation invited to attend this annual gathering of CEOs, political dignitaries and top investors from around the globe, offering what Rep. Haley called ‘a rare opportunity for us to expand economic development prospects here in Lexington County and across our state.'”

Then there is Reid Hoffman, who, like Gates, is a Democrat mega-donor and a fellow Jeffrey Epstein Associate. Loomer Unleashed asked Haley at her Iowa event, “Governor, will you call on your Stand for America PAC to return Reid Hoffman’s donation in light of the Epstein documents?” Instead of answering the question, Haley ran like the coward that she is. 

The facts are clear. Bill Gates influences Nikki Haley. This fact should disqualify Haley from holding public office now and in the future.

Charles Downs