Democrats are salivating at Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s upcoming visit to the White House following the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory. Many expect Swift, Biden, and Kelce to embrace each other in one big globalist party. Top-ranking Democrats, from Joe Biden to Chuck Schumer, and the Democrats’ official X account, posted their creepy embracement of Swift and Kelce following the Chiefs’ victory. Democrats also appear ready to bench Biden in favor of Newsom. This would not be an issue for Newsom and Swift as both have a mutual close business connection with Alex Soros, the son of George Soros.

Following the Chiefs’ victory, Joe Biden’s handlers wrote on his X account, “Just like how we drew it up.” Many found Biden’s post-Super Bowl message creepy, especially since Biden refused to give an interview before the game.

Vice President Harris, who also recently said she was ready to take over, complimented the Chiefs on their victory posting, “From this Niners fan to the Chiefs Kingdom: Congratulations on your Super Bowl victory. This Kansas City Chiefs team is a force. Your skill and determination this season were an inspiration to us all. I’ll see you at the White House.”

Newsom’s former boss and potential future boss Gavin Newsom was excited over the Cheifs victory posting, “Congratulations on your victory,@Chiefs — and cheers to the @49ers for a game well-fought. The Niners brought passion, energy, and grit to the field tonight. California is proud.”

Even Chuck Schumer, a lifelong New Yorker who would not strike anyone as a Chiefs or Taylor Swift fan, was drinking the Kool-aid: “This #SuperBowlSunday, I’m announcing that I’m a Swiftie, and here’s my favorite Taylor deep cut: White Horse.”

To top it off, the Democrats’ official X account posted, “Ready for another trip to the White House,” referring to Travis and Taylor’s upcoming White House trip.

Despite all this supposed Leftist love for Taylor Swift, Biden, who is supposed to be the leader of the Democrats, recently got Swift mixed up with both Beyonce and Britney Spears.

With Biden’s mind failing along with his poll numbers, many are now speculating that the DNC will bench Biden for Nancy Pelosi’s precious Nephew Gavin Newsom. This should not cause a problem for the Left’s relationship with Swift as Taylor and Gavin share a mutual business partner in Alex Soros, who owns Swift’s first six albums and once referred to Newsom as “the USA’s greatest leader.”

DNC rules for the upcoming 2024 convention state, “On the first ballot of the presidential roll call, only pledged delegates will be permitted to vote unless a presidential candidate has been certified by the DNC Secretary to have obtained a number of pledged delegates equal to a majority of all.” This means that if Biden drops out before the August convention, Biden delegates would be allowed to vote for Newsom as long as DNC leadership approves the change.

Will the DNC shake off Joe Biden? What happens if Biden forgets Swift’s name during her and Kelce’s White House visit? So many questions remain that will soon be answered. One thing is for sure. Democrats plan on using Swift regardless of who their nominee is.