Uniparty members of the United States Senate are attempting to limit President Trump’s future presidential power in their latest foreign funding bill, which totals over $95 billion in us taxpayer aid for the countries of Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel. Ohio United States Senator JD Vance discovered that Ukraine funding in the bill, which totals over $14 billion in us taxpayer dollars, would not expire until September 2025, meaning Democrats could impeach President Trump for limiting Ukraine funding before that date. This handcuffs Trump’s ability to make peace. The latest Ukraine funding bill came together after the Uniparty’s border bill fell apart. It is essential to mention that the Uniparty’s border bill limited President Trump’s future ability to issue executive orders on the border. It’s clear that the globalists in Washington, D.C., are already working to undermine President Trump’s next term. Vance will be Loomer Unleashed’s guest on Tuesday night and will discuss the latest developments of the bill. The show starts at 8:00 pm EST.

JD Vance sent a memo to all his Republican colleagues in Congress highlighting that the latest Ukraine funding bill provides money to the country through September 2025. This gives Congressional Democrats the ability to impeach President Trump if he cuts Ukraine funding before the September 2025 date, kneecapping Trump’s ability to end the war. Vance’s memo correctly brings up that Democrats already impeached Trump once on phony Ukraine funding charges.

The key part of Vance’s memo reads, ” If President Trump were to withdraw from or pause financial support for the war in Ukraine in order to bring the conflict to a peaceful conclusion, ‘over the objections of career experts,’ it would amount to the same fake violation of budget law from the first impeachment, under markedly similar facts and circumstances.”

Loomer commented on this development posting, “US Senator @JDVance1 says he has discovered a new tactic by the GOP establishment to use Ukraine funding to possibly impeach President Trump again during his second term and undermine his re-election. ‘Buried In the bill’s text is a kill switch for the next Trump presidency. The legislation explicitly requires funding for Ukraine well into the next presidential term.'”

Richard Grenell commented on the bill, writing, “Remove the impeachment time bomb from the Senate bill – or vote no. How ridiculous is this secret set of handcuffs!!?? WOW.”

Even Elon Musk criticized the Uniparty’s Ukraine funding bill for limiting President Trump’s potential future power to end the war.

By mid-day Monday, aides to RINO Uniparty Senators were calling Vance a “conspiracy theorist.” Vance pushed back on these false attacks by writing, “A standard period of availability” for money that is a 1) hotly contested political issue and 2) was literally already used as a pretext to impeach Trump. These people don’t even try anymore.”

This latest Ukraine funding bill came to be after the Uniparty’s border bill failed. It is important to note that the Uniparty’s border bill attempted to limit President Trump’s power to close the border. The failed border bill stated a clause that only allowed the United States Border Patrol to close the border once there were 5,000 encounters in a day. Since this would have been a law, President Trump would not have been able to override this with an executive order.

The Uniparty’s latest congressional action clarifies that globalists are already attempting to undermine President Trump’s next administration. This fact makes clear that President Trump is the thing that the elites, who are currently engaged in destroying America, fear the most.

Charles Downs