A transgender Hamas-supporting immigrant from El Salvador originally named Genessa Ivonne Moreno, who now goes by Jeffrey Escalante, is the individual who attempted a mass casualty terrorist attack at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. Moreno had “Free Palestine” written on the rifle. Moreno was killed by off-duty police officers shortly after entering the church. Osteen’s Lakewood church has been a strong supporter of Israel. Despite having different interests and values, Central American cartels have been teaming up with jihadists to complete border smuggling operations. Loomer will be traveling to the Darién Gap in Central America to expose the drug cartels and jihadist terrorists’ dangerous new alliance. This, as Biden’s government has allowed illegals to pour into the United States. Biden has also allowed the mostly peaceful Hamas protesters free reign. All of this is causing many Americans to feel insecure about their safety.

In an insult to most Americans’ intelligence, CNN reported that “free Palestine” was written on Moreno’s guns, but investigators are still trying to determine if the attack was politically motivated. Loomer commented on this development posting, “Law enforcement sources say the transgender shooter who opened fire at @JoelOsteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas had “FREE PALESTINE” written on the AR-15 they used to carry out the shooting. CNN buried that key fact at the bottom of their article.”

To make matters worse, Genessa Ivonne Moreno had an extensive criminal record that included various violent crime convictions. Oddly, authorities listed Moreno’s ethnicity as non-Hispanic despite the individual being from El Salvador. Even more disturbing is Houston Police, run by woke Texas Democrats, seemed to care more about saying the shooter’s pronouns correctly than they did identifying the motive behind the shooting.

Loomer Unleashed is one of the only media outlets reporting on the alliance that Central American drug cartels have made with radical Muslim terrorists. Loomer will soon be heading to the Darién Gap to further expose “the illegal Alien camps, the NGOs assisting them, and we will further expose the growing number of Chinese and Islamic illegals from communist China and Islamic terror tied nations who are making their way to the United States via the Darien Gap.”

Biden’s open border policies are not the only concern Americans have about a potential terrorist attack on our soil. Biden’s Iranian appeasement policies have been nothing short of a disaster. Biden unfroze billions of Iranian funds just before the October 7th attacks in Israel. Biden also chose to pardon Iranian terrorists at the end of 2023. President Trump has shared Loomer Unleashed’s reporting on this matter.

This is happening as Joe Biden has allowed mostly peaceful pro-Hamas protesters to illegally invade large sections of America’s major cities. Biden’s DOJ did nothing as pro-Hamas protesters blocked roads and stormed the United States Congress.

Americans feel unsafe, as they should, because Joe Biden clearly only cares about appeasing his Iranian counterparts. The next Lakewood Church incident likely will not have a low casualty ending. Americans can thank the Democrats for this bleak outlook on reality.