Gavin Newsom and Nancy Pelosi, who is also Newsom’s aunt, met with never-Trump pollster Frank Luntz during Sunday’s Super Bowl. Two weeks ago, Loomer Unleashed wrote an article titled “Globalists Get Their Dream Super Bowl Match Up as Kansas City vs. San Francisco Allows Taylor Swift and Gavin Newsom to Take Center Stage.” Our article described how Newsom, being the Governor of California and former Mayor of San Francisco, put him in a perfect position to use the Super Bowl as a springboard to become the Democrats’ 2024 nominee. The article also mentioned that former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has represented San Francisco for over 35 years, could play a key role in helping her nephew during Super Bowl week. Everything we predicted came true, as Newsom’s Super Bowl meetings have speculation at an all-time high that California’s Governor will be replacing Biden on the Democrat ticket.

Never Trump pollster Frank Luntz shared a picture with him and Gavin Newsom at the Super Bowl. Luntz captioned the photo, “Does this guy look like a future president? #SuperBowl”

Just before posting his picture with Newsom, Luntz posted a photo confirming that he was sitting right in front of Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Luntz used dry humor in his announcement to the world that he is seated with Newsom’s aunt at the Super Bowl, writing, “Who’s that woman in red behind me?”

Newsom also used his Super Bowl trip to meet with the global elite by making a “surprise” appearance at Michael Rubin’s Super Bowl Party. Loomer commented on Newsom’s Vegas political power moves by sharing the photo of Newsom and Luntz, captioning the image by writing, “@FrankLuntz has got to be one of the biggest POS grifters. What’s wrong, Frank? You looking for new clients now that @RonDeSantis and @NikkiHaley have both failed?”

Loomer has been leading the charge since September in exposing the left’s plot to remove Biden and insert Newsom as their 2024 nominee. Loomer has even highlighted that Taylor Swift, another individual who took center stage during Super Bowl week, is critical in the globalists’ plot because Alex Soros, the son of George Soros, owns the rights to Swift’s first six albums.

In September, when meeting with Newsom at a Clinton Foundation event, Alex Soros called the California Governor “one of the USA’s greatest leaders.”

DNC rules for the upcoming 2024 convention state, “On the first ballot of the presidential roll call, only pledged delegates will be permitted to vote unless a presidential candidate has been certified by the DNC Secretary to have obtained a number of pledged delegates equal to a majority of all.” This means that if Biden drops out before the August convention, Biden delegates would be allowed to vote for Newsom as long as DNC leadership approves the change.

Biden’s failing mind, falling poll numbers, and Newsom’s Super Bowl political power moves, assisted by his Aunt Nancy, who also happens to be one of the most powerful Democrats in history, make clear the direction the DNC is going. It’s only a matter of time before Biden gives a speech announcing that he is not seeking reelection and instead endorsing Newsom.



Charles Downs