United States GOP Senators JD Vance (OH), Marsha Blackburn(TN), Tommy Tuberville(AL), and Roger Marshall(KS) showed up to the United States Supreme Court on Thursday to support President Trump’s case to remain on the ballot. Notably missing Thursday were any members from the House GOP. The Trump supporters who peacefully gathered on Thursday at the steps of SCOTUS were saddened that no House GOP members joined them in supporting President Trump.

Loomer Unleashed interviewed JD Vance outside the Supreme Court on Thursday. We asked Vance, “Senator, thank you for being out here today. What is your take on this Supreme Court case and everything that happened this morning?”

Vance replied, saying, “It’s a crazy case. If there is any justice in this country, it will go down 9-0. The basic question is, do American voters decide who the President of the United States is, or do a bunch of crazies in the most left-wing states of our country? I think the basic position is pretty simple, pretty straightforward.”

Vance continued, “I think legally even some pretty left-wing people I have talked to don’t buy the idea that you should throw Donald Trump off the ballot. They may not like Donald Trump, but throwing him off the ballot and denying that choice to the American people is something totally different. Let’s hope the Supreme Court rules the right way. I think they will, then it’s on to victory in November.”

JD Vance reshared his Loomer Unleashed interview on his X page.

Other GOP Senators who went to the Supreme Court to support President Trump include Marsha Blackburn, Tommy Tuberville, and Roger Marshall. Blackburn wrote about her experience, posting to X, “I went to the Supreme Court this morning to show my support for President Trump. The Left’s nearly decade-long witch hunt to take down Trump must end. Let the American people decide our next president.”

Notably missing on Thursday was any member of the House GOP. Loomer reported, “I’m told that instead of being in DC today outside of the US Supreme Court to support President Trump, Mike Johnson @SpeakerJohnson is in Nashville RIGHT NOW as I type this tweet at a fundraiser for Andy Ogles @RepOgles. The venue is called “The Diner”. Pretty shameful!”

Trump supporters who showed up to the Supreme Court on Thursday expressed their disappointment to Loomer Unleashed that no members from the House GOP came out to support President Trump. These Trump supporters told Loomer Unleashed, “They [members of the House GOP] are afraid [to show up to support President Trump at SCOTUS], it is disappointing, and they should all be voted out.”

In another video taken by Loomer Unleashed, we pointed out that a teenager is doing more than the House GOP to support President Trump. The video is captioned, “How sad that a teenager in a Trump selfie shirt has more courage than every member of @HouseGOP to show up today to support Trump. Where are the Republicans in Congress? Why do they always abandon Trump when it matters most? Kudos to this brave Trump supporter for showing up.”

Thursday showed GOP voters who are the doers and fakers. Thank you to JD Vance, Marsha Blackburn, Tommy Tuberville, and Roger Marshall for showing up to support President Trump.

Charles Downs