Loomer Unleashed took an exclusive video on Thursday during President Trump’s hearing to remain on the ballot, showing Antifa blocking traffic outside the United States Supreme Court. The road Antifa was blocking, 1st Street North East, is also used by lawmakers to go from their offices to the United States Capitol building. The United States Senate was in session during Antifa’s stunt, meaning Antifa was obscuring an official proceeding. Biden’s DOJ statistics from January 6 state that 310 people have been charged with “obstructing an official proceeding.” Democrats like J6 Committee Member Jamie Raskin and Colorada Secretary of State Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold have been using the obstructing charges as the reasoning behind their flawed 14th Amendment insurrection theory.

Video from outside the Supreme Court shows masked individuals with brightly colored hair wearing Antifa patches that look like Rose City Antifa, the most dangerous cell of Antifa headquartered in Portland, Oregon, taking to the streets to block traffic outside the United States Congress and United States Supreme Court with a banner that read “Remove Trump.” Antifa did not begin to block the street until it appeared the United States Supreme Court was leaning towards allowing President Trump to remain on the ballot. The United States Capitol Police did not stop Antifa from blocking the road but instead yelled at the press for standing in the road as they took pictures and video of Antifa’s insurrection.

The Biden DOJ’s website states that “More than 310 (J6) defendants have been charged with corruptly obstructing, influencing, or impeding an official proceeding, or attempting to do so.”

1st Street North East, the road Antifa was blocking, is used by members of Congress to go from their office buildings to the United States Congress. The Senate was in session during Antifa’s stunt, meaning Antifa was blocking an official proceeding. This makes the Democrats’ false insurrection case against President Trump even weaker. The Left cannot claim Trump is guilty of an insurrection when they allow their protesters to block the road leading to the United States Capitol Complex.

Trump supporters outside SCOTUS on Thursday told Loomer Unleashed that Antifa and other anti-Trump protesters assaulted them while they were peacefully showing support for Trump by holding up signs and wearing a “Free Trump” shirt. Again, this happened as D.C. and Capitol Police stood by and watched.

Antifa has always had free reign in Washington, D.C. Back in 2020, Antifa rioters almost stormed the White House and degraded monuments like the Lincoln Memorial. President Trump had to take control of the National Guard to restore order in D.C. after the Democrats in charge of D.C. let Antifa run rampant. During the peaceful Stop the Steal rallies in November, December, and January, Antifa attacked Trump supporters as D.C. police stood by and did nothing.

The Democrats’ double standard of justice was exposed in the courtroom and outside the Supreme Court on Thursday. Expect President Trump’s poll numbers to jump even higher after the Democrats’ disaster at the United States Supreme Court.

Charles Downs