Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is lying to GOP voters by telling them she is a successful member of Congress. MTG sponsored the Mayorkas Impeachment Bill, which failed because four Republicans voted against the measure on Tuesday night. One of the no’s, Rep.Mike Gallagher from Wisconsin, said after the vote that he had been a firm no on the measure for at least a month. As the bill’s sponsor, there is no excuse for MTG not to know the floor math before the vote. This is not the first time MTG has failed to deliver for GOP grassroots. MTG was a vocal McCarthy for Speaker supporter before the midterm elections. Also, MTG failed to sign a United States Supreme Court brief to support President Trump remaining on the ballot and works with a firm headed by Jason Boles, who is VP of a Super Pac supporting RFK Jr. Worse, MTG failed to pressure Governor Kemp to fire Fani Willis. MTG has skipped multiple votes so she could catch a flight. MTG has also attacked Laura Loomer and her writers for asking the Georgia Rep questions, “Do you regret supporting McCarthy?” and “Why did you tell Trump supporters not to peacefully protest Trump’s arraignment at the Fulton County Court House?” MTG is a proven loser who can’t deliver the necessary wins.

MTG’s face was pale as she left Tuesday’s failed impeachment vote on Mayorkas. Judging by her expressions and actions before the vote, the Georgia Rep thought her impeachment of Mayorkas would be successful. Before the vote, MTG bragged to almost every mainstream media outlet that she would be one of the House GOP managers for Mayorkas’s removal trial in the United States Senate.

Going into the vote, MTG knew the House GOP was not at total capacity, with members like Steve Scalise not being in town to vote. Rep.Mike Gallagher, one of the four no-votes, said he was a firm no on the measure for the last month. The essential questions to consider are: how did MTG believe her measure would pass, and why did MTG screw up such an important task? Even if the House GOP eventually impeaches Mayorkas, the damage done by the first failed impeachment vote will give Senate Democrats strong talking points in Mayorkas’s trial.

Mayorkas’s failed impeachment is not MTG’s first congressional disaster, as she supported Kevin McCarthy’s speakership before the midterm elections. McCarthy’s speakership was a failure, to say the least, as the ousted speaker failed to defund Jack Smith, release the J6 tapes, and impeach Biden. Despite all of this, MTG stood firmly by her man, Kevin.

When asked if she regretted supporting McCarthy’s speakership, MTG told now Loomer Unleashed D.C. correspondent Charles Downs to “get a real job.” MTG’s smug response is especially rich, considering that if McCarthy had stayed in Congress, he could have been key in helping MTG pass her failed Mayorkas impeachment resolution.

Maybe MTG was so defensive of McCarthy because the former speaker allowed her to skip votes at will. MTG once skipped 9 votes in a day to catch a plane to Florida.

Even worse, MTG did not sign a United States Supreme Court brief in support of President Trump remaining on the ballot. 177 members of Congress signed the brief, including top Trump congressional allies JD Vance and Ronny Jackson. Even Mitch McConnell signed the brief in support of Trump.

In another MAGA backstabbing move, FEC records show Greene has paid hefty amounts of money to RTA Strategy, a firm run by Jason Boles. FEC records also show that Boles is the treasurer of Heal the Divide PAC, a super PAC supporting RFK Jr.

MTG has also failed to use her power in her home state of Georgia by failing to apply enough pressure on Governor Brian Kemp to fire Fani Willis. If Trump is convicted in an unfair Fulton County trial, Kemp would not have the power to pardon Trump per state law, so firing Willis is Kemp’s only move.

Another Georgia failure of MTG occurred over the summer when she told Trump supporters not to peacefully gather outside the Fulton County Courthouse when she planned to attend Trump’s arrest personally. Loomer asked MTG about this when she saw MTG outside the Fulton County Courthouse. MTG ran scared, only to later attack Loomer on X. It is interesting how MTG attacks Loomer, who has broken key stories on Fani Willis, Nikki Haley, and the J6 Committee, while MTG has epically failed to make any meaningful impact.

MTG, time and again, has let down the GOP grassroots. It’s time for the Republican Party to be done with the failed Rep from Georgia.

Charles Downs