News broke Tuesday evening that Ronna Romney’s days as RNC Chair are likely numbered as media outlets across the board reported that Romney will resign as RNC Chair following the South Carolina primary. Romney’s resignation would be a huge blow to her globalist allies who were using Romney to control the RNC. If this happens, the globalists might turn to a familiar foe, Kevin McCarthy, in an attempt to hold control of the GOP. It should come as no surprise that, as rumored, Jessica Patterson current California GOP Chair and McCarthy ally is joining McCarthy as the next RNC Chair. It seems McCarthy and his friends cannot seem to leave the GOP grassroots alone.

Like clockwork, following news that Romney was resigning as RNC Chair reports started flying that Kevin McCarthy would be a “dark horse” candidate to replace Romney. This makes sense as globalist forces backing Romney would do the same for McCarthy because McCarthy has proven time and again he is capable of stabbing the GOP grassroots in the back, a skill Ronna Romney has, as well. Romney became so good at going against GOP voters’ wishes that most voters completely stopped giving, hence why the RNC only has $9 million on hand heading into an election year.

McCarthy’s backstabbing of GOP voters started before he was even Speaker. During the 2022 midterms, McCarthy used FTX funds against MAGA candidates like Laura Loomer. Then, once he became Speaker, McCarthy failed to defund Jack Smith, release the J6 Tapes, and impeach Biden. These three demands were the most pressing issues on GOP voters’ minds. McCarthy’s letdowns are why globalists are pushing Kevin to return to the political spotlight.

If globalists cannot convince McCarthy to run, another name to watch is McCarthy ally California GOP Chair Jessica Patterson. Patterson attempted to change the California GOP Presidential primary rules to award the second-place finisher an ample number of delegates. California awards the most GOP delegates, so if this rule were in place, Nikki Haley would receive enough delegates to justify staying in the race longer. Luckily, Loomer’s summer reporting on this matter mobilized the California GOP grassroots, and they prevented this rule from taking effect.

Worse,  FEC records show Patterson has not donated to President Trump using her California address.  This should be disqualifying as the RNC Chair should be required to financially back candidates like President Trump that the grassroots supports.

Another McCarthy-Patterson ally who could make a run for the RNC Chair is Harmeet Dhillon. Dhillon, also from California, worked with Patterson on her California GOP delegate scam. In November, Loomer wrote, “Can’t believe people are actually trying to push Harmeet Dhillon for RNC Chairwoman after the way she tried to screw President Trump out of the delegates in California. I’m not going to let any of you forget. If I had not exposed her, she and Jessica Patterson would have stolen the nomination from Trump. Trump even verified this when he reposted what I said on Truth Social. Shame on anyone who is pushing for Harmeet to be RNC Chair. How can anyone justify this???? Are people out of their damn minds?”

McCarthy has been plotting his revenge against MAGA since his ousting. The GOP grassroots must do everything in their power to stop McCarthy’s return to power.

Charles Downs