RNC Chair Ronna Romney’s Chief of Staff, Mike Reed, is resigning. Under Romney’s leadership, the RNC and GOP state parties from critical swing states like Michigan have been embroiled in scandal and fundraising difficulties. The RNC only has $9 million on hand going into an election year. These facts have led to loud calls from the GOP grassroots for Romney to step aside. President Trump has strongly hinted that he will be calling for Romney’s resignation soon. If Romney does resign, never Trump forces may attempt to keep control of the RNC by pushing California GOP Chair Jessica Patterson to become the new RNC Chair.

During an interview on Monday night, President Trump responded to a question asking if Romney should step down as RNC Chair by saying, “Well, I think she knows that. I think she understands that.”

In another strong hint, President Trump posted to TruthSocial on Monday about making recommendations for RNC growth. Loomer commented on this development posting, “President Trump said he will be making a decision the day after the South Carolina primary as to my recommendations for RNC growth. In other words, perhaps Trump will be calling for her to finally Resign. Ronna Romney sure doesn’t behave like a “friend”, sabotaging Trump every chance she gets. We need to all support Trump. And Ronna most certainly doesn’t support Trump. Her failed leadership has hurt Trump. If
@GOPChairwoman cares about Trump, she will resign now.”

Then, on early Tuesday morning, we learned that Ronna Romney’s Chief of Staff, Mike Reed, resigned. Facts strongly point to Romney’s resignation being next, as Romney has managed to raise only enough money to have $9 million on the books going into the presidential election season. Romney also did nothing when former Michigan GOP Chair Kristina Karamo financially ran that state party into the ground. Michigan is Romney’s home state and a critical swing state in the 2024 election. Loomer strongly speculates that if Romney resigns, globalists will attempt to hold power by pushing California GOP Chair Jessica Patterson to become the new RNC Chair.

California GOP Chair Jessica Patterson attempted to change the California GOP Presidential Primary rules to award the second-place finisher an ample number of delegates. California awards the most GOP delegates, so if this rule was in place, Nikki Haley would receive enough delegates to justify staying in the race longer. Luckily, Loomer’s summer reporting on this matter mobilized the California GOP grassroots and they prevented this rule from taking effect.

It is also important to note that according to FEC records, California GOP Chair Jessica Patterson has not donated to President Trump using her California address.  This should be disqualifying as the RNC Chair should be required to financially back candidates like President Trump that the grassroots supports.

The days of Ronna Romney finally appear to be coming to an end. But the GOP grassroots must pay close attention to the candidates running to be Romney’s successor. 2024 may be the GOP’s last chance to get it right.


Charles Downs