Nikki Haley’s February Uniparty fundraising tour, which is hosted by 50 Democrat and RINO mega-donors and has been taking place in the cities of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Dallas, and Houston, concludes with a February 19th event in Greenville, South Carolina. A large chunk of funding for Team Haley has come from elite Democrat donors only interested in interfering in the GOP Primary to stop President Trump. Haley has happily taken the left’s donations, showing she is happy to play along with the globalists’ GOP Primary interference plot.

Six donors to Joe Biden or Jeb Bush will host Haley’s final event on her UniParty fundraising tour in the lead-up to the South Carolina Primary. Haley’s February 19th event will take place in Greenville, South Carolina.

Dennis Braasch, one of Haley’s Greenville hosts, donated to Joe Biden and to 2020 South Carolina Democrat United States candidate Jaime Harrison, whose ability to raise money in 2020 caused valuable resources to be shifted away from swing states like Georgia and into South Carolina. At other February fundraisers, Haley has been taking money from individuals who have donated to 2024 Democrat U.S. Senate candidates Sherrod Brown, Bob Casey, and Jon Tester. Tester, Casey and Brown’s races are expected to decide control of the Senate. Haley taking money from someone like Braasch proves yet again that Haley not only wants to harm President Trump but down-ballot Republicans, too.

Another Haley Greenville host, George Dean Johnson, donated to Joe Manchin, the Democrat United States Senator from West Virginia who voted to find President Trump guilty in his second impeachment trial. It is also important to note that George Dean Johnson Jr donated to Jeb Bush in 2016. The Johnson family from South Carolina seems to be committed to the UniParty’s cause.

Like George Dan Johnson, Smyth Mckissick is hosting Haley’s Greenville event and has a family of committed UniParty donors to Jeb Bush.

Haley South Carolina hosts Frances Ellison, David Ellison and Tee Hooper also donated to Jeb Bush in 2016.

The high amount of Jeb Bush donors hosting Haley’s South Carolina event should come as no surprise because Karl Rove’s wife Karen, who is a top Bush ally, will join 18 other Uniparty mega donors in cohosting multiple Texas fundraisers for Nikki Haley on February 15th and 16th in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.

It is also important to mention that Spencer Zwick, who is Solamere Capital’s Co-founder and Managing Partner with Mitt Romney’s son, Taggart Romney, has been organizing fundraisers for Haley with multiple Democrat mega donors. Zwick is also Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney’s top fundraising bundler. Paul Ryan also works at Solamere Capital. This is another example proving Romney, Bush and Ryan are all in for Nikki Haley.

Nikki Haley’s large fundraising hulls are not helping her in the polls because she is taking money from the Democrat elite, who never attended to vote for President Trump in the first place. Haley’s embracement of becoming the Democrat’s GOP Primary election interference tool should disqualify her from running for the GOP presidential nomination now and in the future.

Charles Downs