The Democrat-dominated D.C. Circuit Court ruled with Jack Smith on Tuesday, stating that Presidents aren’t immune from prosecution once they are citizens. Suppose the Supreme Court of the United States upholds this ruling. In that case, it opens the door for Barack Obama to face charges for spying on Trump’s campaign or lying to Americans that ObamaCare would allow people to keep their doctors and insurance. Joe Biden could also face charges for leaving America’s borders wide open and for his free speech crackdown. If the D.C. Circuit Court ruling is upheld, Democrats will learn the hard way what the saying “what comes around goes around”  means.

The D.C. Circut Court ruled that Presidents can face charges for their actions in office, with the vital part of their ruling reading, “For the purpose of this criminal case, former President Trump has become citizen Trump, with all of the defenses of any other criminal defendant. But any executive immunity that may have protected him while he served as President no longer protects him against this prosecution.”

Going off this ruling, President Obama can now face charges for directing his FBI to spy on then-candidate Trump. The Obama spying scandal is known as ObamaGate. Obama’s FBI knew that the Trump-Russia Collusion information was fake and created by Hillary Clinton but still used the fake information to get a warrant to spy on Trump. Obama’s spying efforts kneecapped Trump’s first term because it helped launch the fake Muller Investigation. This investigation did not allow Trump to yield maximum political capital, thus preventing some of Trump’s policy goals from taking effect. One can make the argument that Obama directly harmed millions of Americans with his unlawful spying efforts against Trump.

Obama also lied to voters about ObamaCare. Between 2009 and 2012, in order to win elections so he could keep implementing his socialist policies, Obama told the lie, “If you like your plan, you can keep it ,” Obama said this knowing that this was not the case. Obama’s lies on this matter awarded him reelection while millions of Americans lost their insurance. In 2013, NBC News published an article titled,” Obama administration knew millions could not keep their health insurance.” If President Trump can be charged for making a truthful phone call and posting tweets that asked honest questions on the 2020 election results, why can’t President Obama face charges for purposefully lying to voters?

Then there is Joe Biden, who directed social media companies to censor accounts that spread “covid misinformation.” Biden also ordered his FBI to spy on peaceful Trump supporters. If President Trump can face charges for tweeting, then Joe Biden should face charges for abusing the 1st Amendment. Then there is the border. Biden has allowed illegal immigrants and terrorists to pour into America, destroying the safety of thousands of Americans. Biden putting Americans’ safety at risk is far more damaging than a tweet.

Hopefully, the Supreme Court of the United States will rule that Presidents can’t face charges for their actions in office. But until that ruling is made, Red State AGs should prepare their arrest warrants for Joe Biden and Barack Obama.

Charles Downs