There is no such thing as a coincidence in politics. On Monday afternoon, Nikki Haley finally broke her silence on the border deal. Haley attacked President Trump with a lie, saying, “You can’t have Trump sit there and say don’t do anything until the election.” Interestingly, both Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney have said a similar lie regarding President Trump and the “border deal.” This should come as no surprise as Haley’s Creative Director, Suzanne Youngblood Lane, comes from Mitch McConnell’s office. Spencer Zwick, who is Solamere Capital’s Co-founder and Managing Partner with Mitt Romney’s son, Taggart Romney, has been organizing fundraisers for Haley with multiple Democrat mega donors. This is yet another example proving the Romney, McConnell, and Ryan globalist wing of the GOP is all in for Nikki Haley.

Nikki Haley repeated a debunked UniParty talking point on the “border deal,” saying, “You can’t have Trump sitting there saying ‘don’t do anything until the election.'” Haley went on to say, “It is irresponsible to say that Congress has to wait for a general election because Trump is worried he is going to lose.”

McConnell has been on record multiple times stating the lie that Trump does not want Senate Republicans to pass a border deal because it hurts Trump in the general election. Mitt Romney also repeated the same lie recently, saying, “I think the border is a very important issue for Donald Trump. And the fact that he would communicate to Republican senators and congresspeople that he doesn’t want us to solve the border problem because he wants to blame Biden for it is is really appalling.”

Haley, McConnell, and Romney are lying about Trump as what he really said about the border deal was, “The ridiculous “Border” Bill is nothing more than a highly sophisticated trap for Republicans to assume the blame on what the Radical Left Democrats have done to our Border, just in time for our most important EVER Election. Don’t fall for it!!!”

So, how did Haley, McConnell, and Romney come up with the same lie? The answers are incredibly obvious. For starters, Haley tapped former top McConnell staffer Suzanne Youngblood Lane to be her Creative Director.

Earlier Monday, Loomer wrote, “Is Youngblood writing Haley’s and McConnell’s statements on the Biden-UniParty-backed border bill? If Haley’s and McConnell’s border statements sound similar and both attack President Trump, we will know that Haley is coordinating with McConnell. After all, her campaign staff were recruited from his office.”

Then there is Spencer Zwick, who serves as Solamere Capital’s Co-founder and Managing Partner. According to Solamere Capital’s website, Paul Ryan is the company’s Partner and Chair, and Mitt Romney’s son, Taggart Romney, is the Managing Partner and Co-founder. Solamere Capital is Romney-Ryan, INC. Zwick has been organizing countless fundraisers for Haley that multiple mega-Democrat donors will host between now and the South Carolina Primary.

Haley, sharing the same talking points as the biggest RINOs in America, makes it undeniably clear that Nikki Haley is Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan’s choice for President of the United States.