Oklahoma United States Senator James Lankford’s policy history of supporting Ukraine funding with a blank check while opposing President Trump’s tariffs on China, combined with his creepy history of making statements that 13-year-olds can consent to sex, made Lankford the obvious pick for Mitch McConnell to lead border bill negotiations. Lankford accomplished what McConnell wanted him to as the McConnell, Schumer, and Biden-backed border bill fails to secure the border, funds Ukraine’s border security, and puts in place restrictions to limit President Trump’s potential future power to issue executive orders on the border.

On March 1st, 2022, a time when many in Oklahoma were struggling due to Biden’s farming regulations and inflation, James Lankford decided to make his attendance to Biden’s State of the Union speech about Ukraine and not the suffering people in Oklahoma. Lankford wore a Ukrainian Flag Pin to Biden’s speech. Lankford proudly posted about wearing the Ukrainian Pin, writing, “At #SOTU tonight, I will be standing with #Ukraine.”

It should come as no surprise that Lankford supported sending billions in United States taxpayer funding to Ukraine. Lankford’s 2022 support of Ukraine funding is especially problematic because Lankford informed the people of Oklahoma via a statement that new funding to Ukraine would be used for “critical support for the Ukrainian government.” This turned out to be false, as many American taxpayer funds sent to Ukraine were used for personal paychecks for Zelensky and his inner circle.

Lankford’s China policies are even more outrageous. In 2019, during President Trump’s successful trade war against China, Lankford proudly bragged that Bibles made in China and sold in the United States would not be tarriffed. Given the CCP’s anti-Christian policies, why would any Christian want Bibles made in China? Lankford has never answered this crucial question.

In September 2019, Lankford undercut President Trump’s negotiations with China by quoting a post about China’s Vice Premier visiting Washington D.C. and writing, “Tariffs are not an effective long-term strategy for the U.S. & China, & it is time our trade negotiations are resolved. Americans deserve predictable and open trade with China, not inflated tariffs that hurt our farmers, manufacturers, retailers, & consumers.”

Lankford despised President Trump’s tariffs on China so much that he worked with long-time Biden supporter Senator Chris Coons from Delaware on a bill to limit President Trump’s ability to tariff. Interestingly, Lankford’s immigration bill does the same thing in limiting Trump’s potential future use of executive power.

There are also things about Lankford’s history that are extremely creepy. Loomer shared a 2022 article from the Independent that reported that Lankford said in a deposition that “he believed a 13-year-old girl can consent to sex.” Loomer captioned this article: “I wonder what the Democrats have on @SenatorLankford.”

Given Lankford’s history, it makes perfect sense why McConnell, who also supports funding Ukraine and CCP supremacy, picked Lankford to lead border bill negotiations. President Trump’s summary of the bill is perfectly correct, “The ridiculous “Border” Bill is nothing more than a highly sophisticated trap for Republicans to assume the blame on what the Radical Left Democrats have done to our Border, just in time for our most important EVER Election. Don’t fall for it!!!”

The Biden, Schumer, and McConnell-backed border bill is the Uniparties latest attempt to trick the American people into giving them more power.


Charles Downs