New FEC records reveal that SFA Fund Inc, the super PAC supporting Nikki Haley, has taken million-dollar-plus donations from individuals who have donated to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Ohio United States Senator Sherrod Brown, and Pennsylvania United States Senator Bob Casey. Brown and Casey’s 2024 races will likely decide the control of the United States Senate. It should come as no surprise that Loomer exclusively reported that Nikki Haley has a history of voting for Democrats. Haley receives donations from Democrats because her heart truly belongs to the Democrat Party.

Democrat and RINO mega donors to SFA Inc. Super PAC include Timothy Draper, who donated 1.2 million dollars in June of 2023. Other donors include Vivek Garipalli, who gave 1 million dollars in March 2023, and Steven Stull, who also kicked in 1 million dollars in June 2023.

Tom and his wife, Melissa Draper, have donated heavily to Barack Obama. It is worth noting that their first donation to Obama came in September 2007. This was at a time when many still considered Hillary Clinton to be the 2008 Democrat Party frontrunner, meaning the Drapers have been faithful followers of the Obama cause.  

Vivek Garipalli donated to Joe Biden, the DNC, and Chuck Schumer.

Garipalli also donated to Sherrod Brown and Bob Casey. Brown and Casey’s races are expected to decide control of the United States Senate. Nikki Haley is accepting donations from people who are also financially committed to destroying down-ballot Republicans. Haley is doing this while attempting to sell the lie to GOP voters that her candidacy puts House and Senate Republicans in the best position to win.

Then there is Steven Stull, who donated to Louisiana RINO U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy. Senator Cassidy voted to convict President Trump over the House’s J6 charges. Cassidy also called on Trump to drop out of the presidential race, using Trump’s criminal charges as reasoning. Interestingly, Nikki Haley’s messaging on Trump’s legal cases sounds dead-on like Senator Cassidy’s.

Even though he did not make it into Team Haley’s million-dollar-plus donor club, it is important to mention that Jeffrey Epstein associate Reid Hoffman donated a quarter of a million dollars to Stand for America Inc. When Loomer Unleashed asked Haley if she would call on Stand for America PAC to return their Hoffman donation, Haley fled the event, and her staffers began to hit Loomer Unleashed correspondent Charles Downs with campaign signs. 

Documents from President Trump’s legal team show Hoffman’s American Future Republic organization has been paying the legal bills for E.Jean Carroll. Nikki Haley’s false attacks against Trump over the Carroll ruling are scripted remarkably similar to the Democrats talking points on this matter, thus further proving Haley is working directly with the Left.

It should come as no shock that Loomer exclusively reported that old newspaper clippings show that Nikki Haley voted for a Democrat in a 1996 Democrat primary in Orangeburg County, South Carolina. Loomer captioned this news writing, “I have pulled archived copies of South Carolina newspapers and found that In the June 27, 2004 copy of “The State”, it’s documented how Nikki Haley voted for Democrats and started using a different name to conceal her Democrat voting record. Makes sense when you see how she’s taking money from Democrats and using Democrat talking points against Trump.”

Democrats are determined to stop President Trump’s reelection. Nikki Haley is just the Left’s latest example of their election interference efforts against President Trump.

Charles Downs