Fulton County DA Fani Willis is in the midst of yet another scandal. The House GOP Judiciary Committee subpoenaed the embattled Fulton County DA over her misuse of federal funds. The subpoena also mentions that Willis failed to comply with a December 5th letter from the Judiciary Committee requesting that Ms. Willis provide communication between her and the January 6 Select Committee. J6 Committee Member Jamie Raskin responded to Loomer Unleashed’s question about the J6 Committee deleting their files and communications with, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” In November, Willis refused to answer Loomer Unleashed regarding her coordination with the Biden White House on Trump’s arrest in Fulton County. The Left’s lies on J6 are bubbling up to the surface.

The subpoena to Willis mentions the disturbing fact that Fulton County received a federal grant of $488,000 earmarked for gang prevention. Instead of spending these funds on gang prevention, Willis “sought to use the grant funds to ‘get Macbooks,.. swag, … (and] use it for travel.’ Moreover, the whistleblower’s direct supervisor stated that these planned expenditures *were part of [your] vision.”

Also mentioned in the subpoena is that Willis has refused to cooperate on a December 5th letter from the House Judiciary Committee asking for “documents relating to the investigative coordination between your office and the partisan January 6 Select Committee.”

On December 5th, the House Sub Committee on Oversight wrote to J6 Committee Chair Bennie Thompson, “According to public reporting, the Select Committee shared records with Ms. Willis. The Select Committee provided ‘Fulton County prosecutors…key evidence about what former President Trump and his top advisers knew’ with respect to Georgia’s 2020 election results.5 However, there are no records of any additional communication between the Select Committee and Ms. Willis and her office. Therefore, we have no records showing what the Select Committee actually provided her office.”

On December 13th, just days after the December 5th letters, Loomer Unleashed asked J6 Committee Member Jamie Raskin about the committee’s deletion of files. Raskin denied they deleted files and even attempted to use Liz Cheney as a reference to prove that nothing was deleted. He then accused Loomer Unleashed of working directly for President Trump.

In November, when Willis left her D.C. fundraiser, which was located in the same building as the WAPO, Loomer Unleashed asked Willis, “DA Willis, why did you come to D.C. for a fundraiser? You are the Fulton County DA, not the D.C. DA. Are you coordinating with the Biden DOJ to arrest Trump? You clearly don’t want to answer the questions because you put the garage door down.” 

It turns out that filings from Michael Roman show Willis’s lead prosecutor and lover, Nathan Wade, billed the Biden White House for consulting during meetings on President Trump and J6.

Fani Willis and the J6 Committee have both been running lawless operations. Sadly for them, their crimes and corruption are now coming to the surface for all of America to see. The House GOP must move quickly in their investigation. Americans deserve to know their findings before the 2024 presidential election.