National Committeeman Tyler Bowyer submitted a resolution at this week’s RNC Winter Meeting in Las Vegas that called for the RNC to financially back the defense of any 2020 contingent electors for Trump and future 2024 GOP presidential electors. The resolution also calls on RNC funds to defend the GOP’s 2024 presidential nominees’ right to appear on every state ballot. Oral arguments at the United States Supreme Court over Colorado’s decision to remove President Trump from their state ballot are set for February 8th. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel charged 16 people for being contingent electors for Trump in 2020. Fulton County DA Fani Willis charged five people for being 2020 Trump contingent electors. Bowyer’s resolution is the first time the RNC has presented a meaningful solution to counter Biden’s weaponized government.

After submitting his resolution, Bowyer wrote, “We are now in resolutions committee, happy to share the resolution I have submitted at the RNC that I worked on with Chairman @JoshMcKoon & others to defend our Electors. With all of the problems ahead, we need to send a clear signal that the RNC will defend those who serve as electors against Democrat radicals trying to criminalize civic engagement and process.”

Bowyer’s resolution titled “Support Our Republican Electors” calls on the RNC to support “Republican electors in Michigan, Georgia, Nevada and any other state who participated in continent electoral plans approved by the Chairwoman, “cleared” by Republican National Committee (RNC) legal counsel and carried out by RNC staff at the direction of the Chairwoman.”

The resolution also calls on the RNC to “defend the right of the Republican nominees for President and Vice President to appear on every state ballot, that it will support Republican electors voting for the nominee from the 2024 Republican National Convention and will help protect any elector who is harassed, threatened, or challenged by leftist prosecutors or organizations.”

The GOP grassroots would receive another significant victory in the resolution as RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney is called to take immediate action with the resolution reading, “The Republican National Committee calls on the Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee to make a clear statement to the news media that the RNC will defend and support Republican electors in 2024 and beyond and that there should be no reason for citizens to fear participation in the Constitutional process of voting for a President and Vice President.

The resolution revealed the disturbing fact that “leftist state and county prosecutors have weaponized their offices to
investigate, harass and threaten the Republican electors who participated in the contingent electors plan approved by Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel,”cleared” by RNC attorneys and carried out by RNC staff at the direction of the

Ronna Romney only cares about her well-being as the resolution continues to read, “the Republican National Committee has paid the legal fees of Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel but not of the rank-and-file members of the RNC who participated in the plan she personally approved, “cleared” with RNC legal, directed RNC staff to carry out, and communicated the success of to President Trump.”

Bowyer resolution puts an end to Romney’s practice of using RNC funds only to defend herself, as it reads “to
establish a unique and separate fund to support the state parties, former RNC members and current RNC members with legal challenges, lawsuits and other civil and criminal claims that aim to disrupt and dissuade our party’s most loyal activists and leaders from participating in normal election proceedings.”

The GOP grassroots has been begging the RNC to provide meaningful solutions for 2020,2024 and beyond. Bowyer’s resolution accomplishes this very critical demand.