With less than $8 million on hand, GOP Chairwoman Ronna Romney thought it was a good idea to spend the little remaining RNC resources to help registered Democrat Mazi Melesa Pilip, who is running as a Republican in the New York 3rd district special election to replace George Santos. Pilip has said she would not support President Trump if he were convicted before the election. Pilip made this statement despite the fact that Trump’s trials, if they happen before the election, would be taking place in Washington, D.C., or Fulton County, Georgia; areas stacked with Democrat voters, thus not giving Trump a fair trial. Ronna Romney has been facing increasing pressure to resign over her lack of leadership and fundraising failures.

Romney’s post about using RNC resources to help a registered Democrat running as a Republican win New York’s 3rd Congressional election angered many Republicans. The post read, “The GOP is out in full force to elect Mazi Melesa Pilip to Congress.”

Loomer shared a screenshot of Romney’s post. Loomer also shared a New York Post article that contained a comment from Pilip stating that she would not support President Trump if he were convicted of a crime. Pilip seems unable to grasp the simple fact that Trump would not receive a fair trial in Fulton County or Washington, D.C.

Loomer captioned this information, writing, “Hey @GOPChairwoman The RNC is broke and doesn’t even have enough money to support Trump during a general election. Why are you wasting RNC resources thing to get @maziforcongress
elected? Mazi is a Trump hater who said she won’t support Trump if he’s convicted. This is what the GOP wants to replace
@MrSantosNY with. A DEI candidate who is really a Democrat. Mazi isn’t even a real Republican. It’s clear Ronna Romney is using the last bit of money the RNC has to help get Trump haters elected. Ronna Romney must RESIGN!!!”

Former New York 3rd Congressional District Congressman George Santos commented on Romney’s decision, writing, “It’s a down spiral at this point. The GOP is actively undermining Donald Trump in every way possible. We need to unite behind Trump and release ourselves from the GOO establishment scum once and for all.@GOPChairwoman respectfully resign!

The latest FEC records show that the RNC only has $8 million cash on hand. This amount of money is nowhere near what will be required to take on the Democrats’ pending general election legal challenges and tricks. The RNC’s fundraising failure falls straight on the shoulders of Chairwoman Ronna Romney.

Romney is not eager to fix the RNC’s financial situation, as her RNC-controlled committee killed a resolution calling for financial responsibility to return to the RNC. Loomer reported on this horrific development posting, “At the RNC Winter meeting on Thursday afternoon, @Chattah4Nevada Sigal Chattah’s resolution for Fiscal responsibility didn’t make it past committee, as it was killed in a 4-2 vote.”

Ronna Romney has proven time and time again that she is a disaster when it comes to spending RNC resources appropriately. Hopefully, Romney will be asked to resign soon.