Karl Rove’s wife Karen and 18 other Uniparty mega donors will cohost multiple Texas fundraisers for Nikki Haley on February 15th and 16th in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Haley’s Uniparty donors for her upcoming event include individuals who have previously donated to Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, the DCCC, Liz Cheney, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, and Chris Christie. Loomered.com has previously reported in depth about Haley’s Democrat mega-donors throwing her fundraisers in Florida, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. All these events will take place before the South Carolina GOP Primary on February 24th. Polling shows Trump leading Haley by over 30 points in her home state.

It’s safe to assume Americans with an average income will not be attending Nikki Haley’s Houston fundraiser, as tickets to the event range from $3,300 to $33,200.

Rich Kinder, one of Haley’s Houston hosts, donated close to the max to West Virginia United States Senator Joe Manchin. Mel Klein, another Haley host, donated to Manchin and Chuck Schumer. These donations are problematic as Manchin voted guilty on Trump’s second impeachment and donations to Schumer are funneled to Senate Democrats in tough reelection races. Haley is accepting money from donors who are financially backing the destruction of down ballot Republicans.

Another Haley Houston host, Roxann Neumann, donated to Jeb Bush’s failed presidential campaign. Rino donors to Jeb, Romney, and Ryan will become more prevalent in Haley’s other Texas fundraisers.

Karl Rove’s wife, Karen, is a host for Nikki Haley’s San Antonio and Dallas fundraisers. As expected, these events bring together Romney, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, and Democrat mega donors. Tickets to these events run a modest $2,000 to $33,200.

Haley’s Texas fundraiser hosts, Steve Behringer and Nancy Marcus, donated to Biden and the DCCC, which funds United States House Democrats in tough reelection races.

Vipin Nambiar, one of Haley’s Texas fundraiser hosts, donated heavily to Act Blue and New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Another Haley host, Lucy Billingsley, recently donated to Pennsylvania United States Senator Bob Casey and Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown. Brown and Casey are up for reelection in 2024. Their races will likely decide who controls the United States Senate. This is yet another example of Haley taking donations from people who are also financially committed to destroying down ballot Republicans.

The pattern of Haley Texas fundraising hosts donating to congressional democrats in critical races continues as Amy Mcknight donated to New Jersey Democrat Congressman Josh Gottheimer and Jack Matthews donated to Texas Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar.

Karl Rove’s wife Karen and the other Rino donors seem eager to welcome their new Democrat colleagues. Harlan Crow is one of the biggest Rinos attending Haley’s Texas fundraisers. Crow donated to Peter Meijer and Liz Cheney. Both Meijer and Cheney voted to impeach Trump. Another Liz Cheney doner hosting Haley in Texas is Ann Margolin.

Of course, a Nikki Haley event hosted by Karen Rove and Democrat donors would not be complete without donors to Jeb Bush. Well, Haley hosts Pat Fox and Sherry Goldberg fulfill that requirement.

Unsurprisingly, Chris Cristie’s donors will join the Democrat Mega donors and Karen Rove as Haley’s Texas fundraising hosts. Bryan Bailey and Anurag Jain recently donated to Christie before he dropped out.

Then there are Haley’s hosts, James Huffines and Allan PolunskyThese individuals donated to Mitt Romney and former Nebraska senator Ben Sasse, who has proudly stated, “I’ve never been on the Trump train.”

Another Haley Texas host, Patty Huffines, donated to Paul Ryan and Joe Manchin. That is quite a combination.

Rinos and Democrats have come together to form a significant Uniparty effort to push Nikki Haley onto America in an attempt to beat President Trump.

Charles Downs