Nikki Haley will head west for a February 6th-7th fundraising tour hosted by 26 Democrat mega donors. Loomer Unleashed recently published an in-depth analysis of Haley’s February 6th events in San Francisco. 13 mega Democrat donors will host Haley’s February 7th fundraisers. These events will take place in Los Angeles and Orange County. In the past, Haley’s fundraising hosts have donated to Joe Biden, Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton, Jon Tester, Mark Kelly, and Chuck Schumer. Tester’s Montana race will be crucial in deciding control of the United States Senate. The fact that Haley is attending events hosted by Democrat donors funding key Senate candidates proves she is lying when she speaks about her candidacy helping down-ballot Republicans.

Keeping with her pattern of holding events in America’s most liberal cities, Nikki Haley will attend a fundraiser in Los Angeles, California, on the evening of February 7th.

Nikki Haley’s LA host, Adam Chesnoff, donated nearly a million dollars to Team Biden, giving $727,800 to the Biden victory fund. Chesnoff also donated to Chuck Schumer. Chesnoff’s wife, Lissa, also a host of Haley’s fundraiser, donated to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Lissa also donated to Schumer.

Jeneva Bell, one of Haley’s LA hosts, donated to Bernie Sanders in the 2020 DNC primary and Joe Biden during the 2020 general election. Another Haley LA host, Michael Burns, donated to Biden in 2019.

Haley’s LA Biden party continues as another one of her hosts, Angella Nazarian, donated to Biden and the Michigan State Democrat Party. Michigan is a crucial swing state. The fact that Haley would expect money from a Biden donor who donates to the Left in Michigan is another clear indication that destroying the GOP is her actual end goal.

Continuing the pattern, Haley LA host Harry Sloan donated to Biden and the DNC in April of 2023. Haley accepting money from someone who donated to the DNC in 2023 is yet a further indication that the success of the Republican Party is not her main goal.

Haley’s LA hosts have also donated to critical components of the Democrat machine that fights to keep the U.S. Senate under Democrat control. Beny Alagem, another Haley LA host, donated to Montana Democrat Senator JonTester in 2023. Tester’s race is viewed by many as the deciding factor in control of the United States Senate in 2024. Alagem also donated to Chuck Schumer and then-United States Senator Kamala Harris.

Then there is Pedram Salimpour, another Haley LA host, who donated to Mark Kelly in 2022. Kelly’s 2022 victory sealed control of the United States Senate for the Democrats. It is ridiculous Haley attempts to blame President Trump for the GOP’s 2022 loss when she is the one taking money from people who funded key Democrats in the 2022 midterm election.

Another set of Haley LA hosts, Isaac Larian and Peter Rooney, donated to past and future key Democrat U.S. Senate candidates. Rooney donated to Joe Manchin. If Manchin switched parties and represented his state of West Virginia’s values, the United States Senate would be in GOP control. Larian donated to Elissa Slotkin, who is the likely Democrat nominee for the 2024 Michigan U.S. Senate race. Michigan will decide the control of the White House and U.S. Senate in 2024. Larian is also a Hillary Clinton donor.

Haley’s biggest anti-Trump LA host is probably Keenan Wolens. Wolens donated to Adam Schiff as recently as August of 2023. Wolens believes Schiff should be a United States Senator. Yes, this is the same Adam Schiff who pushed the false Trump-Russia Collusion.

Haley will also attend an Orange County fundraiser on February 7th that is hosted by many of the same people hosting her LA fundraiser.

Biden donors only hosting Haley in Orange County include Mark Madden, who donated close to the max to Biden for President.

Janine Gonyea, another Democrat donor only hosting Haley’s Orange County event, donated heavily to Oregon United States Senator Ron Wyden. Wyden voted to find President Trump guilty of both impeachments against him. Wyden also pushed the false Trump-Russia Collusion narrative.

Not only is Haley accepting money from Biden and Hillary donors, but she is also taking money from people who are determined to use their personal incomes to help the Democrats retain control of the United States States. It is abundantly clear that Haley does not have the Republican Party’s best intentions in mind.