Significant concerns are arising over GOP Chair Ronna Romney’s plans to ask the RNC to approve her plan of taking a line of credit out in the RNC’s name. Romney is expected to seek approval for her plan at the upcoming RNC winter meetings scheduled for January 30th-February 3rd in Las Vegas, Nevada. The RNC is low on funds because Romney failed to raise adequate funds as the RNC chair. Romney’s inability to lead also failed the RNC funds as Romney did little as former Michigan GOP Chair Kristina Karamo bankrupted the state party, forcing a financial crisis at national and state levels. This, along with Romney’s past failures, which include hiring RNC lawyers without law licenses, has many worried about what could come next. Loomer exclusively reported that Nevada GOP Committee Woman Sigal Chattah had submitted a resolution to the RNC ahead of the Winter Meeting calling for Fiscal Responsibility at The RNC.

Loomer asked an essential question about Romney’s plan, writing, “If state GOPs take the RNC up on this “line of credit” since the RNC is broke and can’t support state GOPs, will the parties that accept the credit line then have to use the lawyers and operatives that are hand selected by Ronna Romney @GOPChairwoman? ” Loomer continued, “Just seems like a very duplicitous strategy to get anti-Trump operatives embedded in state GOPs under the guise of “charity.” Is Ronna Romney using a credit line to stage a coup in an election year? She should resign. I don’t like the look of this at all. ”

Romney is also facing blowback for her plan as Loomer exclusively reported, “The resolution calls out the RNC for being more than $3 million in debt, it calls for caps on salaries for all RNC staffers so that they can’t be paid more than $10,000 a month, it calls for an end to all frivolous spending, including no more first class tickets, no more private jets, no more $500,000 bills for alcohol and “limo services”, and no more spa days, designer clothes and shopping sprees, and Botox for
@GOPChairwomanvRonna Romney on RNC dime.”

Michigan, a state critical to President Trump’s reelection chances and the home state of Ronna Romney, is experiencing massive financial issues within the state party GOP due to Kristina Karamo’s leadership. Loomer exclusively reported that Karamo failed to raise funds, drove the party into debt, and worked with an organization called UnAuthorized, which was based in Nevada and worked with Democrats.

Karamo falsely attacked Loomer after the story. She was then removed from the Michigan GOP a month later. Ronna Romney was notably silent during this turn of events. Romney never called on Karamo to resign, leading many to wonder if she wanted state parties like Michigan to go into financial ruin so the RNC could bail them out with “conditions” attached.

A state like Michigan is expected to have election challenges from the right and left regardless of the initial outcome of the presidential election. These cases are going to cost large sums of money. If bail-out conditions are attached, it is a horrifying thought to think Ronna Romney would control who the Michigan GOP hires as their election lawyer, considering Romney once hired RNC lawyers who did not even possess a law license.

Many suspect Romney’s “accidents,” like hiring lawyers without law licenses, are not really accidents at all but rather attempts to remove MAGA grassroots supporters from the Republican Party. It is important to note that Romney did not attend President Trump’s victory party in New Hampshire despite being close to the location in New Hampshire on the night of the primary.

Loomer also pointed out, “Have you ever noticed how @GOPChairwoman refuses to say President Trump’s name? She never gives strong statements condemning the attacks against him and refuses to say his name in nearly every post. In the year 2023, Ronna Romney has only posted 3 tweets w/ Trump’s name.”

It seems the GOP establishment is attempting a power grab at the upcoming RNC Winter Meetings. This is just another example highlighting the lengths the global elites will go to in their attempts to stop MAGA.


Charles Downs