Nikki Haley will embark on a February 6th fundraising tour in California’s Bay Area, where 13 mega-Democrat donors will host her two events for Haley. Haley’s fundraising hosts have donated to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Gavin Newsom. San Francisco, one of the Bay Area cities hosting Haley’s February 6th fundraiser, is home to Democrat power players Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, and Kamala Harris. This is just more proof that Haley is the radical Left’s vessel for interference in the GOP primary.

Kamala Harris attended fundraisers in San Francisco on Monday, about a week before Nikki Haley’s San Francisco events. Interestingly, Joe Biden is attending Palm Beach and Miami fundraisers the day before Haley attends fundraisers in the same city.

It should come as no surprise that Haley’s San Francisco fundraiser’s host committee is loaded with Democrat mega donors. Ticket prices for Haley’s liberal-hosted event cost between $3,330 and $13,330.

FEC records show one of Haley’s San Francisco hosts, Tom and Melissa Draper, donated heavily to Obama for America. The liberal couple also donated to Stand for America, a PAC supporting Haley, that has taken donations from Jeffrey Epstein associate Reid Hoffman.

Frank Lavin, another Haley San Francisco fundraiser host, donated to both Biden’s campaign and the Biden Victory Fund.

It would not be a San Francisco fundraiser without Gavin Newsom donors hosting the event; Haley fundraising host Gregory Wendt takes care of this requirement as he has donated to Newsom countless times.

Haley’s San Francisco host, Martha Conte, donated to Democrat U.S. House and Senate candidates that have been key to Democrats’ control of the chambers. Conte donated to Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar and West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin. Alex Slusk, another Haley San Francisco host, donated to Democrat Congressman Ro Khanna. This is clear proof Haley is lying to GOP voters when she says she can help down-ballot Republican candidates win their races.

Following her San Francisco fundraiser, Haley will head down the Bay to Atherton, California, to attend another event thrown by Democrat mega donors. Tickets to this event run between $6,600 and $16,660.

Mark Pearson, one of Haley’s Atherton hosts, donated $200,000 to the Biden Victory Fund and $35,000 to the DNC.

Fellow Biden donor Agatha Luczo is joining Pearson in hosting Haley’s Atherton event.

Unsurprisingly, Hillary Clinton donors are also involved in hosting Haley’s Atherton fundraiser. Haley’s host, Aydin Senkut, donated to Hillary for America, the Hillary Victory Fund, and the DNC. Julie Douglass, another Haley host, donated countless times to Hillary for America.

Following the pattern of her San Francisco event, Haley’s Atherton fundraiser features hosts who have donated to Congressional Democrats. Sonia Senkut donated to Ro Khanna. Another Haley Atherton host, Larry Sonsini, also donated to Khanna and to Democrat U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar, from Minnesota, who was a strong supporter of the debunked Muller Investigation.

Nikki Haley heading to the Bay Area, a land run by Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, and Kamala Harris, to take money from Democrat mega donors is just further proof that Haley is a Democrat running in the GOP Primary.

Charles Downs