Nikki Haley will embark on her January 31st fundraising tour that features three fundraisers hosted by 12  Democrat mega-donors. Two of Haley’s January 31st events are located in Miami, Florida. The other event location is Palm Beach, Florida.  Liberal donors continue to embrace Haley despite her poor performance in Iowa and New Hampshire. This is a clear sign that Democrats are using Haley as a vessel to interfere in the 2024 GOP Primary.

Haley’s most expensive event on the 31st occurs in South Beach in Miami, Florida. Tickets to this event start at $16,000 per person.

One of Haley’s Sobe fundraising hosts, Jeff Aronin, donated $10,000 to the Biden Victory Fund in 2020. Aronin also gave nearly the maximum donation to Biden’s presidential campaign in 2019 and 2020.

Dan Och, another one of Haley’s Sobe fundraising hosts, donated $100,000 to the Biden Victory Fund. Och also gave the DNC over $90,000 during the 2020 election cycle.

Haley’s other Sobe host, Barry Sternlicht, donated to Pete Buttigieg in 2020. Loomer also reported that Sternlicht trashed President Trump in email chains with GOP donors.

Tickets to Haley’s January 31st Palm Beach, Florida fundraiser cost $10,000.

The pattern continues as one of Haley’s Palm Beach fundraiser hosts, John Sculley, often donates to Biden’s campaign and the Biden Victory Fund.

Haley’s Palm Beach donors’ love is not limited to her and Biden. Richard Pzena, another Haley Palm Beach host, recently donated to Hakeem Jeffries and Daniel Goldman. It is safe to say Pzena wants the Democrats to retake the House in 2024. This is ironic considering Haley’s attempts to sell the lie to GOP voters that she is the best Republican presidential candidate to win down-ballot races.

Haley’s other Palm Beach event host, Simone Levinson, donated the maximum amount to Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer just before the 2016 election. If Levinson had gotten their way, Trump’s tax cuts and Supreme Court appointments would never have happened.

A Haley fundraiser would not be complete without the support of a Hillary Clinton donor. Haley’s Palm Beach host Ronnie Heyman fills that role.

Haley’s most prominent Palm Beach fundraising host is Spencer Zwick, who serves as Solamere Capital’s Co-founder and Managing Partner. According to Solamere Capital’s website, Paul Ryan is the company’s Partner and Chair, and Mitt Romney’s son, Taggart Romney, is the Managing Partner and Co-founder. Solamere Capital is essentially Romney-Ryan, INC.

Nikki Haley’s Miami, Florida fundraiser is the cheapest price, with tickets going for $2,500.

Alberto Sasson, one of Haley’s Miami fundraising hosts, maxed out their donations to Hillary Clinton in 2007. This fact probably makes Haley extremely excited to meet Sasson.

Keeping up with the pattern from the other events, Haley’s Miami host, Arnaud Karsenti, donated nearly the max to Biden’s presidential campaign. Karsenti also donated to Friends of Schumer.

Haley’s other Miami fundraising host, Lani Drody, has donated to Debbie Wasserman Schultz since 2005. Drody has also donated to former Florida Senator Bill Nelson, who pushed the debunked Trump-Russia Collusion narrative.

Then there is Haley’s Miami fundraising host Jay Massirman, who donated to indicted New Jersey Democrat Senator Bob Menendez.

Rounding out Haley’s Miami fundraising hosts is Scott Srebnick. This individual donated to Democrat Congresswoman and Democrat Florida US Senate candidate Val Demings. Srebnick also donated to Georgia Democrat Senator John Ossoff and the Lincoln Project. Srebnick, like so many other Haley donors, played a major role in the GOP’s loss of the Senate in the 2020 election.

Nikki Haley’s January 31st fundraising tour clarifies that the former Governor of South Carolina is a Democrat running in the GOP Primary.


Laura Loomer