FEC records show that Nikki Haley’s senior campaign staffers received large payments from Stand for America, a super PAC supporting Haley, just before, after, or on Haley’s February 14th, 2023, Presidential announcement. The Haley staffers who received these payments include Betsy Ankney, Campaign Manager; Suzanne Youngblood, Creative Director; Carolyn Needham, Research Director; Kenneth Farnaso, Spokesman-Director of Media Relations; and Andrew Patterson, Director of Events and Operations. Coordination between campaigns and super PACs is illegal.

FEC records show Nikki Haley’s Campaign Manager, Betsy Ankney, received a large chunk of payments from Stand for America Super PAC, complete with a payment of over $18,000 on February 14th, the date Haley officially filed to run for President.

Ankney started receiving payment from Haley’s campaign in late February 2023. The payments Ankney received from Haley’s campaign are much less than the large sum of payments she received from Stand for America PAC.

Haley’s Creative Director, Carolyn Needham, received numerous payments from Stand for America PAC leading up to Haley’s presidential announcement. Needham also received a payment from Stand for America PAC on Haley’s announcement date of February 14th.

Needham’s campaign payment follows a familiar pattern as she started receiving campaign payments in late February that were much less than her payments from Stand for America PAC.

Kenneth Farnaso, Nikki Haley’s Spokesman-Director of Media Relations, received one payment from Stand for America PAC on the day of Haley’s presidential announcement.

Farnaso, like his fellow Haley coworkers, started receiving payment from the campaign in late February.

Nikki Haley’s Director of Events, Andrew Patterson, received payment from Stand for America PAC on February 15th, one day after Haley’s presidential announcement.

Patterson should probably ask his boss why his coworkers received a better deal than he did, as he began receiving payments from the campaign in March as opposed to late February like his coworkers.

Then there is Haley’s Creative Director, Suzanne Youngblood. For starters, Youngblood used to work with Mitch McConnell and displays this fact proudly in her X bio.

Youngblood received a Stand for America PAC payment one day after Haley’s presidential announcement.

The pattern continues as Youngblood, too, started receiving payment from Haley’s campaign in late February.

Loomer commented on these developments, posting, “Tax records for Stand for America for 2022 reveal the salaries of Nikki Haley’s campaign staffers when they were with SFA. However, now all of them are with the campaign. But , there’s one big problem. All of her campaign staffers appear to have cut their pay in half in February of 2023, the same month Nikki filed to run for President against Donald Trump… which makes no sense. Why would some of her staffers take a $100,000 pay cut to work on the campaign side, as opposed to a SFA PAC?”

It is a severe crime for campaigns to coordinate with super PACs. FEC records make a strong argument that Team Haley committed this crime. Sadly, no one will be held accountable, as the rules do not apply to globalists attempting to take down President Trump and his MAGA movement.



Charles Downs