Mitti Randhawa, the older brother of Nikki Haley, went on an unhinged Instagram rant that ended with direct threats against President Trump’s surrogate, Vivek Ramaswamy. Haley is close with her older brother, who recently campaigned with her in Iowa and seems heavily involved with her campaign overall. Vivek was one of the leaders criticizing Haley’s embracement of weaponized government against journalist Laura Loomer. Ironically, Team Haley threatens their political opponents while, at the same time, they can not take justified criticism.

Following the GOP debate back in November, Mitti Randhawa wrote on his Instagram Page, ” Hey Vivek (sounds like cake)🤣 Ramaswampy, you attack any member of my family, you attack ME! I will take you on any day you SCUM!!!! Bring it!!!!! Don’t go there! Besides, none of us is running against you. Let me remind you, you are running against my little Sister👠👠👠👠👠👠. Deal with it Mr. TikTok!!!! ‘When I hear you, I feel more dumb’!”

Loomer commented on these developments, posting, “This is a direct threat of physical violence against Vivek by Nikki Haley’s brother, who is on the campaign trail with her according to his Instagram pictures, which I have archived. He was with Nikki in Iowa for the Iowa Caucus. Why is Nikki Haley campaigning with her unhinged brother who is making physical threats against Vivek?”

Mitti Randhawa seems heavily involved in Haley’s campaign, as his Instagram is filled with pictures of him in Iowa with his sister. Randhawa’s Instagram also shows that Mitti, like his sister Nikki, seems to believe the delusion that Team Haley had a strong showing in Tuesday’s New Hampshire GOP Presidential Primary.

In another Instagram post, Mitti says the quiet part out loud, writing, ” Koch Network endorses Nikki Haley for President as it looks to stop Trump.”

Team Haley does not just make threats against people they politically disagree with. They follow through with action too. In Iowa and New Hampshire, Team Haley used law enforcement to threaten journalist Laura Loomer with arrest. Video from both instances shows Loomer quietly sitting with media members and event attendees when Haley staff and law enforcement approach her. The video showing Haley staff removing Loomer from Haley’s Iowa event has over 13 million views.

Before the Iowa Caucus, Loomer Unleashed asked Vivek, “There are videos going around Iowa of Nikki Haley kicking Laura Loomer and other Trump supporters out of their events. What do you think of Nikki’s tactics?” Vivek replied, saying, “Shame on Nikki Haley. It is un-American to kick out any journalists.” Vivek and President Trump were the only Iowa candidates who allowed the media to cover their events with no interruptions. 

It’s clear that Nikki Haley and her team love to threaten and attack supporters of President Trump. However, when MAGA justifiably criticizes Team Haley, they respond with more threats and weaponized government attacks. This is yet another example to prove Nikki Haley is a globalist who has no business seeking the GOP nomination for President of the United States.

Charles Downs