The global elites, like Nikki Haley, are delusion. Despite Haley getting crushed by President Trump in Iowa and New Hampshire, global elites plan to throw Nikki Haley multiple fundraisers in New York City and California in the lead-up to the South Carolina Primary, a race that polling shows President Trump beating her by 40 plus points in. South Carolina is Haley’s home state. Haley continues to receive money from the never-Trump elite in their attempt to cause GOP infighting in hopes of weakening President Trump’s general election chances.

Haley starts her fundraising tour off this Tuesday, the one-week anniversary of her massive New Hampshire loss. Haley will hit three New York City fundraisers that day, with the minimum price being $10,000 to attend each event.


FEC records show that Todd Kantor, one of the hosts of Haley’s January 30th fundraisers, donated to Democrat Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries.

Following her long day of collecting money in New York City, Haley will jet down to Miami, Florida, for a series of fundraisers on January 31st. Like her New York events, $10,000 dollars is the minimum price to attend Haley’s Florida event.

One of Haley’s South Florida fundraising hosts is Spencer Zwick, who serves as Solamere Capital’s Co-founder and Managing Partner. According to Solamere Capital’s website, Paul Ryan is the company’s Partner and Chair, and Mitt Romney’s son, Taggart Romney, is the Managing Partner and Co-founder. Solamere Capital is essentially Romney-Ryan, INC.

Then, at the beginning of February, Haley will jet off to California to hang out with the West Coast elites. Haley’s California fundraisers start in San Francisco on February 6th. Prices for these events range between $6,000 and $16,000 per person.

Tim Draper, one of Haley’s San Francisco fundraiser hosts, donates heavily to Act Blue. Notice a pattern developing?

Haley continues along her California fundraising tour on February 7, attending fundraisers hosted for her located in Orange County and Los Angeles, California.

Adam Chesnoff, who is hosting Haley’s Los Angeles fundraiser, also has a significant donation history with Chuck Schumer.

On February 15th, Nikki Haley will attend fundraisers thrown for her in Dallas, Texas. Tickets to these events range between $6,000 and $30,000.

There is another unsurprising development as Vipin Nambiar, one of Haley’s Texas fundraiser hosts, donated heavily to Act Blue and New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Haley ends her Texas fundraising tour with a February 16th event in San Antonio. Tickets for this event cost between $6,000 and $30,000. One of Haley’s San Antonio fundraiser hosts is Karen Rove, the wife of Trump-hating Fox News anchor Karl Rove.

Haley’s fundraising tour comes to a close on February 19th, just five days before the South Carolina Primary, a race she is currently losing by 40 plus points.

President Trump is absolutely correct. Haley’s presidential campaign is primarily funded by elite Democrats interested in destroying Trump and the MAGA movement. It seems the general election actually starts with your state’s GOP presidential primary. That is why it is so important to get out and vote.

Laura Loomer