Nikki Haley said Tuesday morning that supporters of President Trump are not normal people. These comments reminded many of Hillary Clinton’s deplorable remarks. Loomerd.com recently published an article titled ” Nikki Haley Embraces Her Inner Hillary Clinton,” highlighting that Haley has the same policies, donors, and political enemies as Hillary Clinton. Haley’s normal people statement confirms that Haley is Hillary Clinton 2.0.

Tuesday morning on Fox and Friends, Haley said, ” Normal people want somebody who can go 8 years.” President Trump’s term is limited to four years if he is reelected. Haley’s comments were a clear jab at Trump supporters planning to vote for America’s 45th President in the GOP Primary.

In 2016, just weeks before the election, Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables.” Clinton’s comments made clear to voters just how much America’s elite despise normal Americans and their values. Haley has said in the past that Hillary Clinton inspired her. It seems Haley’s comments are spot on as Haley’s “Normal people want somebody who can go 8 years” remarks sound incredibly similar to Hillary’s basket of deplorable statements.

Personal attacks against Trump supporters are not the only Clinton tactics Haley has embraced. Loomer exclusively reported that Clinton donor Alberto Peisach has been donating frequently to Nikki Haley and Stand for America Pac, a super pac supporting Haley.

Like the Clintons, Haley also has a Jeffrey Epstein connection. Epstein associate and Hillary Clinton donor Reid Hoffman donated a quarter of a million dollars to Stand for America, one of the largest super PACs supporting Haley.

Hoffman has been directly interfering in the 2024 election as Hoffman’s American Future Republic organization, which he funds himself, funded E.Jean Carroll’s lawsuit against President Trump.

Loomer Unleashed recently asked Haley, ” Governor, will you call on your Stand for America PAC to return Reid Hoffman’s donation in light of the Epstein documents?” Instead of answering the question, Haley staffers hit the Loomer Unleashed Reporter with Haley signs to block the reporter’s camera. The video ends with Loomer Unleashed reporter Charles Downs telling the Haley staff, ” What, you guys don’t want me asking your boss about Jeffrey Epstein?”

Haley has also embraced Clinton and the Democrats’ tactics of using weaponized government against journalists they disagree with. Haley’s staff used law enforcement to remove journalist Laura Loomer in Iowa. The video shows Loomer sitting at the event with other journalists and attendees as law enforcement approaches.

Haley’s staff also instructed state police to remove Loomer from Haley’s New Hampshire event. Like in Iowa, Loomer was just sitting with media and attendees as law enforcement approached. Loomer reported that Haley’s staff took the folder she was holding, which contained affidavits stating that Haley had multiple affairs.

The transformation is complete. Nikki Haley is now Hillary Clinton 2.0. Tuesday’s New Hampshire GOP Primary comes down to the globalist policies embraced by Clinton and the Democrats vs. President Trump’s America First policies. That is why it is so important for New Hampshire patriots to get out and vote.