Social media posts by Chris Sellers, the “partner” of Justice Kaplan’s daughter Merrill Kaplan, show a clear bias against President Trump. Justice Kaplan is the far-left judge overseeing E Jean Carol’s defamation lawsuit against President Trump. It is important to note that a member of the judge’s family denotes a spouse, child, grandchild, parent, grandparent, or other relative or person with whom the judge maintains a close familial relationship. If the scales of justice in America are still even, Judge Kaplan will immediately recuse himself from President Trump’s case.

Chris Sellers’s X account handle is @hecticelectron. Sellers’s bio states, “I make tabletop story games for a queerer more connected world.” Hopefully, the games Sellers designs are only sold to people 18 plus. It is also important to note that Trump hater and X Influencer Brian Krassenstein follows Sellers’s account.

Sellers’s Instagram account has the same messaging about “Making tabletop story games for a queerer more connected world.”  Sellers also posted pictures of him in a typical far-left attire featuring him rocking blue hair and a mask.

Sellers’s X account has shown an anti-Trump bias since 2015. On August 6th, 2015, Sellers wrote, “Donald Trump is wearing his clown nose, as expected.”

In 2017, Sellers posted his anger at President Trump’s tax cuts, which boosted average American family incomes by more than $7,000. For some reason, this fact angered Sellers as he wrote, “Less than 2 yrs ago, you were worried about spending. How will you pay for Trump’s #TaxReform?” and “Well, the Devil’s in the details, isn’t he? Trump’s #taxreform plan brings jobs as much as any trickle-down plan – i.e., not at all.”

Sellers also implied President Trump was stupid, writing in an August 5th, 2017 post, “I think Trump doesn’t know the difference between Stonewall Jackson & Andrew Jackson.”

In 2020, Sellers shared the Democrat conspiracy theory that President Trump and his top staff were spreading COVID, writing, “This is my favorite image from Trump’s rally in Oshkosh yesterday. That’s Mark Meadows, the Chief of Staff. Basically a disease vector straight into the Oval Office.”

In the same year, Sellers accused President Trump of being a dictator, posting, “Is it just me or is anyone else worried Trump will turn out to have been the Velvet Underground of American dictators?”

Sellers even questioned President Trump’s mental fitness and grasp of reality, posting, “I imagine, after Trump leaves office, Fox will give him his own show in a sound-stage mockup of the Oval Office, where he can give TV addresses criticizing the new administration and issue fake “executive orders.” Maybe the prospect of that will encourage him to actually leave.”

Judge Kaplan’s family bias spreads beyond Sellers. Merrill Kaplan, who is Judge Kaplan’s daughter and Sellers’s “partner,” is a professor at Ohio State University. Professor Kaplan writes about how Christians have weaponized “conspiracy theories” for their personal gain. She also writes about the “alt right.” It seems Kaplan’s family is very into liberal conspiracy theories designed to make Trump supporters look bad.

Loomer commented on these developments, posting, “A judge shall respect and comply with the law and shall act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary. Judge Kaplan has an obligation to immediately recuse himself from the E Jean Carroll Case.”

Justice Kaplan must recuse himself or be forced to step away from presiding over President Trump’s case. If this does not happen, then the rule of law is truly dead in the United States of America.

Charles Downs