In a recent interview, Nikki Haley said she “was teased every day in the South for being brown.” Haley made these claims despite winning multiple local and state-wide elections in South Carolina. It appears Haley has never spoken of this supposed racism until recently. Haley has also claimed that Nikki, which is her nickname, has been on every important state document. However, a newspaper article from the 90s announcing Haley’s marriage shows this is not the case. It is rumored that Haley had informed her political staff over the years that she changed her name to Nikki when she entered politics in an attempt to hide “how foreign her family is.”

Loomer uncovered the July 21, 1996 edition of “The Island Packet,” a South Carolina Newspaper that announced the marriage of Nimarata and William Haley. Missing from the marriage announcement is the name “Nikki.”

Loomer captioned the newspaper photo, writing, “The Island Packet, a South Carolina newspaper that shows that Nikki always went by “NIMARATA”. Her engagement to her husband WILLIAM, who she made change his name to Michael, shows she never went by Nikki until she decided to hide her Sikh background and run for office. Just more evidence of Nikki Haley being fake. PS: that’s a black and white photo. What do you notice? She’s not brown. It would show up on the picture.”

Loomer continued writing, “Nikki’s real name is NIMARATA, as many know. She now goes by the name “Nikki”, because as some of her former staff have told me, she doesn’t want the public to see how “foreign” her family is.”

Haley had always said she had gone by the name Nikki, even on important state documents. In a 2018 post on X, Haley wrote, “Nikki is my name on my birth certificate. I married a Haley. I was born Nimarata Nikki Randhawa and married Michael Haley.” However, Loomer’s finding now proves this is certainly not the case.

An X user pointed out, “Nikki Haley’s  @NikkiHaley paternal grandfather, Captain Charan Singh, was a commanding officer in a horse-mounted regiment in the British colonial army. It’s interesting how Sikhi failed to continue within a family of such proud Sikhs.”

Haley has been attempting to pander to liberal voters by claiming she was made fun of every day for “being brown.” Haley made these claims despite winning multiple local and statewide elections in South Carolina. Haley has also never told a story like this before, despite being in the public eye since 2008.

Haley has been proven to be a liberal fraud, attempting to hijack the Republican primary with liberal talking points in an attempt to draw enough Democrat voters into the GOP primary to steal the nomination from President Trump. New Hampshire patriots must get out to vote on Tuesday and send Haley a strong message at the ballot box.