Nikki Haley and New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu are continuing their MAGA Backstabbing Tour through The Granite State. Nikki Haley and Chris Sununu staff threatened Laura Loomer with arrest if she did not leave their event. This is the second state where Haley staff have made this threat, as they did the same thing in Iowa. Loomer Unleashed was able to ask Sununu on Sunday if he would be supporting President Trump when the likely scenario happens where Trump becomes the GOP Nominee. The New Hampshire Governor refused to answer the question. Haley and Sununu have embarrassed themselves by running around New Hampshire courting Democrat votes before Tuesday’s primary.

Video from Haley’s Nashua, New Hampshire event shows Haley and Sununu walking towards Loomer. Then, when Loomer asks a question about Sununu’s endorsement of Haley being meaningless in his own state of New Hampshire, Haley and Sununu walk away and call on the crowd to create noise to drown out the question. The video ends with Haley’s staff standing with New Hampshire State Police, who threatened Loomer with arrest if she did not leave the event.

Following the video, Loomer revealed Haley’s staff stole the signed affidavits she brought stating that Haley had affairs. Loomer wrote, “The folder contained the signed affidavits by @TheWillFolks and Larry Marchant who both signed under penalty of perjury their statements about their sexual affairs with Nikki Haley, while her husband was deployed overseas. They literally STOLE out of my purse tonight. Unreal.”

On Sunday, Loomer Unleashed asked Sununu again about his endorsement of Haley being meaningless in his own state. Sununu responded with, “Look at the polls.” Sununu then refused to answer if he would support President Trump if he is the 2024 GOP nominee.

Loomer Unleashed traveled to all five Sununu events on Sunday, asking, “Governor @ChrisSununu , will you be endorsing President Trump when @NikkiHaley loses the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday? She’s going to lose by over 20 points. How does it feel knowing that your endorsement doesn’t have any value in your own home state?” Loomer Unleashed was kicked out of all five events for asking this fair and legitimate question.

This is not Haley’s first instance of using weaponized government against media she disapproves of. In Iowa, Haley’s, staff threatened Loomer with arrest if she did not leave Haley’s event. The video of this incident has over 13 million views.

Also in Iowa, Haley’s staff hit Loomer Unleashed correspondent Charles Downs with campaign signs after he asked Haley if she would call on the Stand for America Pac supporting her to return their donation from Jefferey Epstein associate Reid Hoffman.

Haley’s anti-free speech embracement comes straight from the DNC playbook. Haley has embraced DNC tactics, donors and voters. Video from December shows Nikki Haley smiling as Governor Sununu calls on Democrats to vote for Haley in the upcoming New Hampshire Primary.

Haley and Sununu have been exposed as RINOs who have an end goal of destroying President Trump and the MAGA movement. New Hampshire patriots must get out to vote on Tuesday to send globalists Haley and Sununu a strong message at the ballot box.