Fani Willis’s case against Donald Trump is collapsing in record time. New Fulton County divorce records show Fani Willis used taxpayer funds to pay Terrence Ahmed Bradley, who is Nathan Wade’s divorce attorney/tenant. Nathan Wade is Willis’s lead prosecutor and lover. Wade has been paid large amounts of taxpayer funds for his work on prosecuting President Trump in Fulton County. Wade has also billed the Biden White House for meetings on this matter. The scandal worsens as House GOP records show the J6 Committee deleted thousands of documents, including communications with Fani Willis. Willis was silent when Loomer Unleashed asked her while she was leaving her Washington D.C. fundraiser, which was located in the same building as the Washington Post, if she was coordinating with the Biden White House on her arrests of President Trump.

Loomer shared the receipts from Fulton County records showing 12 taxpayer-funded payments to Terrence Ahmed Bradley, Nathan Wade’s divorce lawyer. Loomer captioned the picture, writing, “So basically, while Fani was having an affair with a married man (Nathan Wade), she used $75,000 of Fulton County taxpayer money to pay for her lover’s divorce lawyer’s fees. Her lover Nathan Wade is the landlord for his divorce lawyer, as I have also uncovered that Wade is the owner of the office space that his lawyer Terrence Ahmed Bradley rents from him. He’s owned the space since 2017. ” Loomer continued. “Additionally, records also reveal that Fani Willis funneled $126,070 to another attorney named Christopher Campbell, who just happens to be Nathan Wade’s law partner.

Filings from Michael Roman show Willis’s Lead prosecutor and lover, Nathan Wade, billed the Biden White House for consulting during meetings on President Trump and J6.

In November, when Willis left her D.C. fundraiser, which was located in the same building as the WAPO, Loomer Unleashed asked Willis, “DA Willis, why did you come to D.C. for a fundraiser? You are the Fulton County DA, not the D.C. DA. Are you coordinating with the Biden DOJ to arrest Trump? You clearly don’t want to answer the questions because you put the garage door down.”  

Willis refused to answer the question because she was coordinating with the Biden White House on her arrests of Trump. It’s disgusting, to say the least, that Willis wanted to keep this fact hidden from the public. 

There is also the disturbing fact that on December 5th, the House Sub Committee on Oversight wrote to J6 Committee Chair Bennie Thompson, “According to public reporting, the Select Committee shared records with Ms. Willis. The Select Committee provided ‘Fulton County prosecutors…key evidence about what former President Trump and his top advisers knew’ with respect to Georgia’s 2020 election results.5 However, there are no records of any additional communication between the Select Committee and Ms. Willis and her office. Therefore, we have no records showing what the Select Committee actually provided her office.”

On December 13th, just days after the House Sub Committee on Oversight’s letter, Loomer Unleashed asked J6 Committee Member Jamie Raskin about the committee’s deletion of files. Raskin denied they deleted files and even attempted to use Liz Cheney as a reference to prove that no files were deleted. He then accused Loomer Unleashed of working directly for President Trump.

Fani Willis has been exposed as a never-Trump grifter who cares little about the rule of law. If the rule of law still exists in America, President Trump’s Fulton County, Georgia, charges should be dropped immediately.

Charles Downs