A recently disclosed donors list to Stand for America, a super PAC supporting Nikki Haley, is a list of globalists who wish to undermine President Trump’s 2024 reelection efforts. Donors to the PAC include Jeffrey Epstein associate Reid Hoffman, never Trumper Paul Singer, who helped fund the bogus Fusion GPS research that became the debunked Steel Dossi, and major Democrat donor Vivek Garipalli. At a recent campaign event, Haley refused to answer Loomer Unleashed’s question about calling on the Stand for America PAC to return Epstein associate Reid Hoffman’s donation. Cleary Haley has embraced being funded by Democrats.

Records show that Paul Singer donated over a quarter of a million dollars to Stand for America PAC. In 2016, Singer funded Fusion GPS research into President Trump. This research became the debunked Steel Dossier that led to the launch of the Muller Investigation.

Loomer previously reported that Annie Dickerson, who is a general partner at Elliott Management Corporation, the investment firm run by Paul Singer, is hosting an elite New York City fundraiser for Haley on January 30th. Singer is clearly unloading money on Haley and her allies in an attempt to stop President Trump.

Also on the Stand for America donors list is Vivek Garipalli, who donated half a million dollars to the effort.

FEC records show that Vivek Garipalli has donated heavily to the DNC and to Chuck Schumer. Garipalli’s donation to Stand for America is yet more proof that President Trump is correct when he says Democrats are contributing to Haley and her allies.

An interesting donor to Stand for America PAC is Suzanne Youngkin, the wife of Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin. Youngkin has yet to endorse President Trump’s 2024 reelection bid. It is also important to highlight that early voting for Virginia’s March GOP Primary has already begun.

The most disturbing donor to Stand for America is Reid Hoffman. Hoffman is a Jeffery Epsiten associate who donated a quarter of a million dollars to Stand for America after fellow globalist Jamie Dimon called on Democrats to donate to Haley in an effort to stop Trump. Hoffman is also funding the bogus E Jean Carroll lawsuit that is forcing President Trump away from the campaign trail and into the courtroom,

When Loomer Unleashed asked Haley if she would call on Stand for America PAC to return their donation, Haley fled the event, and her staffers began to hit Loomer Unleashed correspondent Charles Downs with campaign signs. Haley’s response shows she knows she would lose support if she does not return the money, yet she clearly has no intention of doing so; hence Haley’s weaponized response to the Hoffman question.

At his New Hampshire rallies, President Trump has highlighted that Haley is funded by Democrats because, in reality, she is a globalist whom they can control.

Nikki Haley has embraced her Democrat funding and clearly has no intention of returning any funds. Globalism vs. America First is on Tuesday’s New Hampshire GOP primary ballot. All New Hampshire patriots must get out to vote and send the globalists a strong message at the ballot box.

Charles Downs