Florida Governor Ron DeSantis dropped out of the presidential race and endorsed President Trump on Sunday. DeSantis dropped out following a historic defeat in Iowa. New Hampshire polling showed that DeSantis was polling at around 4% going into Tuesday’s primary.

DeSantis looked like he was near tears in his video announcement that he was dropping out of the race. DeSantis said in the video, “We do not have a clear path to victory. I am suspending my campaign. It is clear to me that a majority of Republican Primary voters want to give Donald Trump another chance.” DeSantis continued saying, “He [Trump] has my endorsement.”

Following the announcement, Loomer shared a post from Bill Mitchell promising to quit politics forever if DeSantis did not win the GOP nomination. Loomer captioned the post, writing, “Please delete your account today and keep your promise @mitchellvii!!! You said you will quit social media and politics forever. Please take @TeamDeSantis with you! You’re never allowed back on the Trump Train. You can push it from behind. Traitors don’t get second chances.”

DeSantis’s announced dropout comes on the heels of his Iowa embarrassment. DeSantis received harsh backlash for his staff calling the police on journalist Laura Loomer and Iowa Republican activist legend Marni Hockenber.

DeSantis also faced criticism in Iowa for avoiding Loomer’s questioning about why he left Florida hours after declaring a state of emergency. This, combined with DeSantis’s disloyalty to Trump and his horrific anti-farming policies, led to a historic 50-point-plus loss for DeSantis in Iowa, a state in which he spent over $30 million.


DeSantis’s historic loss in Iowa led to a downward spiral he could not stop, partially due to his cockiness that he was going to win the state. In a November 6th, 2023 post, Ron DeSantis wrote, “It is an honor to be endorsed by Iowa’s great governor,
@KimReynoldsIA Kim has led her state with strength and principle — and delivered big results. She knows how to win the tough fights needed to get things done. Together, we will win Iowa.”

In another post from December 2nd, DeSantis wrote, “Are you ready to make history, Iowa? We are going to win the Iowa caucus and that is going to propel us to being the 47th president of the United States.”

Never Back Down, a Super Pac supporting DeSantis, spent over $5 million in Iowa. On November 22nd, 2023, Never Back Down shared Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds’s quote, “Ron is one of the most effective leaders I’ve ever seen. Because it’s not about him, it’s about you. He will fight for you. He will fight for our future. And he will win.”

Ron DeSantis learned the hard way that loyalty, America First donors, a good staff, and personality are required to win the elections needed to become President of the United States. Ron DeSantis now heads back to his governorship wondering what happened to his once-promising political future.

Charles Downs