Team DeSantis is breaking apart following Ron’s historic 30-point Iowa loss to President Trump. DeSantis and Never Back Down, the super PAC supporting him, spent over $30 million in Iowa alone. Following the loss, Never Back Down, along with Team DeSantis, began trimming their staff. This is as Ron DeSantis’s Rapid Response Director Christina Pushaw recently posted that she will be leaving politics soon. DeSantis showed up over 30 minutes before his press conference in New Hampshire on Friday. The signs are clear that DeSantis will soon be backing down.

Following DeSantis’s historic Iowa loss, Never Back Down drastically trimmed down its operations, including its war room. A day before this was reported, Ron DeSantis’s Rapid Response Director, Christina Pushaw, posted that she was leaving politics. Loomer commented on this development, writing, “The @DeSantisWarRoom, which was operated by @ChristinaPushaw, has been dissolved after all of the staff for the account were LAID OFF. They had their email accounts cut off too. This explains @ChristinaPushaw’s “dear diary” post on X yesterday about how she is leaving politics to “go live a better life”. Leaving and getting laid off aren’t the same thing.”

Just days before the New Hampshire primary, almost all social media accounts associated with Team DeSantis, including @RonDeSantis, @DeSantisWarroom, @NeverBackDown24, and @TeamDeSantis, went dark for over 24 hours. This led many to believe that DeSantis was going to drop out of Florida. Never Back Down broke the social media silence by replying to one of Loomer’s posts highlighting that Team DeSantis went silent.

Loomer responded to Never Back Down posting, “Instead of posting about strategy, @NvrBackDown24 made their first post today and is posting in @DeSantisWarRoom ’s defense about not posting in 24 hours. You can’t make this stuff up.”

It appears Team DeSantis still has not recovered from watching their candidate get Loomered in Iowa. Loomer questioned DeSantis why he did not deal with the state of emergency he had declared in Florida before heading to Iowa. DeSantis was criticized across the political spectrum for abandoning Florida.

Then, in New Hampshire on Friday, Ron DeSantis arrived at his press conference over 30 minutes late. DeSantis was greeted by his 20 New Hampshire supporters at the event. He displayed little energy during the press event. Loomer commented on the disaster, writing, “@RonDeSantis is about to drop out in shame. He has had a press gaggle with about 20 of his supporters waiting in freezing cold weather outside of the New Hampshire arena. I think he’s trying to find the balls to face the people and drop out. He won’t get a single delegate in NH. You have to get at least 10% of the vote and he’s polling at 5%. He also has ended all ad spending in NH, SC, and NV. This is so pathetic. It’s time to drop out @RonDeSantis !!”

DeSantis is currently polling at 5% in New Hampshire. This, combined with Team DeSantis layoffs, social media dark periods, and top staffers plotting their exit, means Never Back Down will finally be backing down for good.