Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, along with Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, and Bryon Donalds, did not sign a United States Supreme Court brief in support of President Trump remaining on the ballot. 177 members of Congress signed the brief, including top Trump congressional allies JD Vance and Ronny Jackson. Even Mitch McConnell signed the brief in support of Trump. This is not the first time Greene has gone against the MAGA movement. Loomer Unleashed previously reported Greene has paid MAGA saboteur Jason Boles’s RTA Strategy Company over $300,000. Boles is also the treasurer of Heal the Divide, a Super PAC supporting RFK Jr for President. RKF JR’s end goal is to prevent all presidential candidates from reaching 270 electoral votes, thus creating a contingent election.

The key part of the Supreme Court brief describes how the United States Congress, not judges, has the ultimate say on who is and is not on the ballot. The key part of the brief reads, “Congress, by a two-thirds vote of both Houses, has the power to remove a Section 3 disability and thereby authorize an otherwise disqualified individual to “hold” office any time it
wants, including during a campaign or after an election. However, the decision by the Colorado Supreme Court short-circuited both of those congressional roles, as explained in detail below.”

Loomer commented on the brief, writing, “The brief Casts doubt on whether or not President Trump bears responsibility for what took place at the Capitol on J6 and challenges the claim that Trump should be removed over Sec.3 of the 14th Amendment. It is nice to see the GOP actually do something for President Trump for once.”

Not only did MTG not stand with President Trump, which is horrific, but Greene also did not stand for her Congressional authority, as the United States Congress, not judges or rogue Secretaries of State, makes the decisions about who is on the ballot and who is not. The United States Senate found President Trump not guilty of the United States House’s insurrection charges. This made Trump eligible for the 2024 ballot. Many Trump supporters took note that Greene did not sign the brief.

This is not the first time MTG has stabbed MAGA in the back. FEC records show Greene has paid hefty amounts of money to RTA Strategy, a firm run by Jason Boles.

FEC records also show that Jason Boles is the treasurer of Heal the Divide PAC, a super PAC supporting RFK Jr.

Loomer’s reporting on RFK Jr’s goal of creating a contingent election has received over 4 million views. If no candidate reaches 270 electoral votes, a contingent election is declared, which empowers Congress to vote for the United States President. When this happens, each House Member votes as a state delegation. Each state delegation gets a single vote, and a candidate becomes president with the support of a majority (26) of state delegations.

MTG has also lashed out against some of MAGA’s favorite reporters, including Laura Loomer and Charles Downs. When Kevin McCarthy’s Speakership was failing, Downs asked Greene if she regretted her support for McCarthy, a question that was on the mind of most Trump supporters. Greene snarkily responded to Downs’s question, telling him to “get a job.” Most Trump supporters were appalled by Greene’s behavior over a legitimate question.

MTG acts like she supports MAGA, but when the rubber meets the road, and Greene actually needs to take a stand for President Trump, she is nowhere to be found.

Laura Loomer