The Daily Mail published a Nikki Haley affair “exclusive” on Friday despite Loomer reporting on the affair months ago. Haley’s staff even instructed law enforcement to remove Loomer from her Iowa event, fearing that Loomer would ask Haley about it. The irony is that the mainstream media refers to Loomer as “crazy” despite continuing to steal her work.

Loomer shared a screenshot of the Daily Mail’s “exclusive” report on Nikki Haley’s affairs, captioning the screenshot writing, “How is your story an exclusive? I posted the affidavits in November 2023, proving Nikki has multiple affairs. I also showed up to her event in Iowa with the signed affidavits the men signed in my hand. This isn’t new.”

On November 27th, 2023, Loomer published an article titled, “2010 Affidavit Alleges Nikki Haley had an Affair with Staffer,” complete with screenshots of an affidavit from one of Haley’s former staffers that states Haley had an affair with him.

In a January 6th article titled, “Nikki Haley Calls Police on Journalist Laura Loomer for Attending Her Iowa Town Hall,” it is highlighted that Team Haley used law enforcement to remove Loomer, “Loomer was going to ask about Haley’s alleged affairs with her staffers. A 2010 affidavit reads, ‘I was employed by S.C. Rep. Nikki Haley from early 2007 until March of 2008 as a communications consultant. As I have stated publicly, during that time, Rep. Haley and I engaged in an inappropriate physical relationship that included numerous instances of inappropriate sexual contact.’ Team Haley likely knew this question would be asked.”

The video of Loomer being removed by law enforcement from the Haley event has received over 13 million views. As Loomer is being removed by law enforcement, you can clearly see the affidavits in her hand. It is highly unlikely that someone working on Friday’s Daily Mail “exclusive” did not see this video and read the articles related to it.

Despite the facts being on Loomer’s side, the Daily Mail writer still attempted to claim to Loomer that he wrote the exclusive. Loomer fired back, writing, “I am the person who got this story in front of President Trump, and he even referenced it at his rally in Iowa ahead of the Iowa Caucus after reading my article. Stop gaslighting people into thinking that I haven’t done anything and that I have no influence.”

Loomer continued, “I did reports on it on my website as well months ago, my show @LoomerUnleashed
(which President Trump watches by the way) and I even brought the affidavits to @NikkiHaley’s event in Iowa and she called the cops on me so she didn’t have to answer to the affairs. Stop being a liar. I will expose you online with receipts all day and prove to the world what a liar you are and you will get the biggest RATIO you have ever had in your life over your lies if you want to play this game with me.”

The mainstream media will call Loomer crazy while, at the same time, they copy her work. This is yet another example of why the mainstream media should never be trusted.


Charles Downs