Ron DeSantis’s historic Iowa loss stings a bit more as Florida House Republicans lost a special election Tuesday night immediately following the Iowa Caucus. DeSantis spent much of his time in Iowa instead of campaigning for the Republicans in Florida. In 2023, DeSantis did the same thing in the race for Mayor of Jacksonville, which the Florida GOP also lost. Last week, DeSantis was Loomered in Iowa. Loomer’s questioning of DeSantis centered around the fact that he left Florida in the middle of a state of emergency. Many have called on DeSantis to drop out of the GOP Primary after his horrific Iowa performance.

Democrat Tom Keen beat Erika Booth by 5 points in Florida’s 35th House district special election. In 2022, Ron DeSantis won the same area by 11 points. Florida’s 35th district saw a swing of 16 points in less than two years. With Biden and Democrats’ approval ratings at record lows, this loss clearly falls on Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who spent time campaigning in Iowa instead of for the Republican in Florida.

In 2023, DeSantis spent the lead-up to Jacksonville, Florida’s mayoral race in Iowa, grilling burgers with Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, wearing a customized apron he was later mocked for. Florida Republicans have not lost the Jacksonville Mayoral race since 2015. This again follows the theme of Florida Republicans losing races to Democrats during a time when Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are extremely unpopular. This loss, like the Florida 35 State House loss, falls square on DeSantis’s shoulders because DeSantis chose to spend his time getting embarrassed in Iowa instead of helping Florida Republicans win elections.

Last week, while in Iowa, DeSantis was Loomered. Laura wrote about her questioning to DeSantis, “I asked DeSanctus if he plans on endorsing President Trump when DeSantis loses the Iowa Caucus on Monday, January 15, 2024. I asked him why he is an ABSENTEE GOVERNOR who unethically changed the law in Florida so he could run for President on taxpayer dime and keep his Gubernatorial salary while he abandoned Floridians during multiple storms and an insurance crisis. I asked him why he is ALWAYS backing down even though his PAC is named Never Back Down.”

Earlier last week, DeSantis attempted to avoid Loomer by instructing his staff to back his car up at different angles to avoid Loomer’s questioning. Loomer was still able to fire off a question to DeSantis, asking, “Hey Ron, there is a state of emergency in Florida and you are polling at 14% in Iowa, when are you going to drop out? Shouldn’t you be in Florida right now, dealing with the state of emergency? You are polling at 5% in New Hampshire. There is no path to victory. Three weeks ago, Ron, you said you would win Iowa, and last night, you said you would lower your expectations. Time to drop out Ron, 90,000 Floridians without power.”

Florida currently has an absentee governor. Floridians have taken notice and punished the Florida GOP by handing them back-to-back losses. Following his horrific Iowa election, DeSantis should drop out of the GOP Primary and focus on being governor of Florida if he has any hopes of salvaging his political future.