The Trump Campaign released a statement highlighting that top donors to Ron DeSanits’s presidential campaign are banking on Jack Smith jailing President Trump before the election, thus allowing DeSantis to steal the GOP nomination from Trump. Team DeSantis believes this despite the fact that the United States Constitution does not bar someone who has been jailed from running for President. Ron DeSantis has embraced weaponized government against his political opponents as high-ranking DeSantis staff instructed law enforcement to remove journalist Laura Loomer from his Iowa events. Also, in 2023, DeSantis’s Rapid Response Director Christina Pushaw refused to answer why her boss supports weaponized government against Trump supporters.

The key part of the Trump Campaign’s press release read, “Though, even more telling, a top DeSantis fundraiser confessed that their “strategy” relied on endless political prosecutions of President Trump by radical Leftist prosecutors. As the DeSantis campaign continues to utterly collapse, Ron has shown he’s willing to take the side of deranged, Marxist prosecutors and the radical Left for any shot at stopping the nose dive that has left him in third place, heading only south.”

Loomer commented on this revelation, writing, “Did you know that @RonDeSantis used to be a federal prosecutor? He worked with the same people who are now trying to prosecute President Trump before DeSantis ever ran for office. Now you see why second place is just attacking third place, and now you also see why Ron DeSantis isn’t dropping out after losing Iowa and New Hampshire. This is a Jack Smith strategy. I’ve never seen 2nd place only attack 3rd place in any competition. It’s clear that @TeamDeSantis is colluding with Jack Smith.”

In another post, Loomer wrote, “BREAKING NEWS: @RonDeSantis just announced his VP pick! It’s Jack Smith.”

DeSantis seems to have embraced using law enforcement against supporters of President Trump. During last week’s Ankeny, Iowa event, high-ranking Team DeSantis staffers told police to remove journalist Laura Loomer and Marni Hackenberg, the daughter of Iowa U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley’s Committee and a founding member of the Republican Jewish Coalition and Iowans Supporting Israel, from the event. Loomer captioned the video, writing, “You know who isn’t “on 1st”? @RonDeSantis, because he’s not in 1st place in Iowa, and he doesn’t support the 1st Amendment! How ironic!”

In 2023, Loomer asked DeSantis’s Rapid Response Director Christina Pushaw why her boss supports weaponized government against President Trump and his supporters. Instead of answering the question, Pushaw ran scared into another room, blasting music that made it harder to hear. This video speaks volumes, as DeSantis’s top staffers cannot bring themselves to disavow Biden’s weaponized DOJ.

It is clear Ron DeSantis and his staff are banking on Biden to remove Trump from the 2024 election. This is why DeSantis is focusing his attacks on Haley and refusing to drop out after losing to Trump in Iowa by over 30 points despite spending over 30 million dollars in the Hawkeye State. DeSantis’s actions prove the Florida Governor can no longer be trusted.

Charles Downs