Ron DeSantis, his online communications team, and Pac’s supporting him are in for an epic embarrassment as their “Ron DeSantis will win Iowa” prediction will fall flat in hours. DeSantis will fail to win Iowa despite spending over $30 million in the state. Let’s look at some of Team DeSantis’s most embarrassing Iowa predictions.

In a November 6th, 2023 post, Ron DeSantis wrote, “It is an honor to be endorsed by Iowa’s great governor,
@KimReynoldsIA Kim has led her state with strength and principle — and delivered big results. She knows how to win the tough fights needed to get things done. Together, we will win Iowa.”

In another post from December 2nd, DeSantis wrote, “Are you ready to make history, Iowa? We are going to win the Iowa caucus and that is going to propel us to being the 47th president of the United States.”

Never Back Down, a Super Pac supporting DeSantis, spent over $5 million in Iowa. On November 22nd, 2023, Never Back Down shared Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds’s quote, “Ron is one of the most effective leaders I’ve ever seen. Because it’s not about him, it’s about you. He will fight for you. He will fight for our future. And he will win.”

Never Back Down also shared a statement from Bob Vander Plaats, an individual Never Back Down paid off for an endorsement. On July 14th, 2023, Vander Plaats said, “Trump can be beaten in Iowa,” says Bob Vander Plaats of the Iowa FAMiLY Leader. The more candidates, the merrier for the former president. Division allows him to win.”

Christina Pushaw, Ron DeSantis’s Rapid Response Director, once wrote, “So cool to see familiar faces reunited to help
@RonDeSantis win in Iowa.”

DeSantis’s Press Secretary Bryan Griffin once wrote, “Nobody will outwork @RonDeSantis, and Ron DeSantis will win Iowa.”

Griffin’s alter ego, known as @MaxNordau, also posted that DeSantis would win Iowa, writing, “DeSantis is going to win Iowa. Then he’s going to win New Hampshire. Then he’s going to win the nomination. It’s time to unite around the strongest candidate: Ron DeSantis.

Over the summer, Ron DeSantis’s National Spokeswoman, Carly Atchison, wrote, “While @RonDeSantis is committed to putting in the work to win Iowa and will be hitting the accelerator in the coming weeks, Donald Trump is proving he’s not up for the fight in the Hawkeye State. What happened to Trump??”

Back in August, Florida’s LT Governor Jeanette Nuñez said that momentum is building for DeSantis in Iowa. DeSantis’s polling has gotten worse since this statement.

DeSantis online influencer Bill Mitchell, who Loomer beat down in a debate, once wrote, “What will @LauraLoomer
post on January 16th after DeSantis wins Iowa?”

In early January, DeSantis influencer John Cardillo said that Trump would not win Iowa.

DeSantis’s favorite “independent journalist,” Chris Nelson, also known as @reopenchris, once wrote, “RON DESANTIS CRUSHED IT IN THE TOWN HALL TONIGHT!! HE FINALLY HIT TRUMP HARD!! HE WILL WIN IOWA!!!”

Steve Deace, who runs a pro-DeSantis talk show, once shared Iowa polling and claimed that DeSantis would win the state, writing, “That is an excellent number for DeSantis as a starting off point in a very pro-Trump state. I would also slightly favor him to win Iowa and New Hampshire at this point.”

Another pro-DeSantis talk show host, Dave Rubin, wrote in early November, “DeSantis is gonna win Iowa.”

Team DeSantis spent millions of dollars in Iowa, made wild predictions, and now they have egg all over their face. None of the people listed above should ever be taken seriously again.

Laura Loomer