Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis have been exposed as globalists while campaigning in the Iowa Caucus. DeSantis and Haley embraced Democrat tactics when dealing with journalists and hired Never Trump Senior staffers. Haley has courted Democrat donors and refused to call on Stand for America Pac, a super PAC supporting her, to return a donation from Jeffrey Epstein associate Reid Hoffman. DeSantis and Haley’s time in Iowa shows they are no friends of the America First Movement.

Nikki Haley received a large backlash when a video from her event showed a Haley staffer standing behind two police officers who informed journalist Laura Loomer that Team Haley instructed them to remove her from the event. As this happens, other media members are taking their spots to cover the town hall. The video of this incident has over 13 million views.

At another Iowa event, Nikki Haley refused to answer Loomer Unleashed questions about calling on Stand for America Pac, a PAC supporting her, to return Jeffrey Epstein Associate Reid Hoffman’s quarter million dollar donation. Hoffman made his donation to Haley after Jamie Dimon, the Chief Executive Officer of JPMorgan Chase, informed the liberal attendees of the New York Times 2023 Deal Book Summit to back Nikki Haley to stop Donald Trump.

Earlier in the event, Nikki Haley’s staff threw an 18-year-old first-time voter out of her event and into the snow.  Team Haley’s reasoning for doing this was because he supports President Trump and Loomer.

Nikki Haley’s staff is also a RINO exhibitMyles Nuzzi, the staffer who enforced Team Haley’s orders to call the police on journalist Laura Loomer at Haley’s Iowa town hall, has a social media history of praising Liz Cheney and is the cousin of globalist anti-Trump journalist Olivia Nuzzi. While Nikki Haley’s Creative Director, Suzanne Youngblood Lane, proudly has Mitch McConnell alumni displayed in her X bio.

Then there is Ron DeSantis, who, like Haley, instructed law enforcement to remove journalist Laura Loomer from his Ankeny, Iowa, event. Also removed from the event was Marni Hockenberg, the daughter of U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley’s Committee Man and a founding member of the Republican Jewish Coalition and Iowans Supporting Israel. Loomer captioned the incident writing, “You know who isn’t on 1st? @RonDeSantis, because he’s not in 1st place in Iowa, and he doesn’t support the 1st Amendment! How ironic!”

Just days before the Iowa Caucus, Loomer revealed that Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, a DeSantis supporter, embraced her inner Mitt Romney by using an X burner account to promote Ron DeSantis and trash President Trump.

DeSantis could not escape Loomer as he was Loomered at his Iowa hotel. Loomer described her conversation with DeSantis, writing, “I asked DeSanctus if he plans on endorsing President Trump when DeSantis loses the Iowa Caucus on Monday, January 15, 2024. I asked him why he is an ABSENTEE GOVERNOR who unethically changed the law in Florida so he could run for President on taxpayer dime and keep his Gubernatorial salary while he abandoned Floridians during multiple storms and an insurance crisis. I asked him why he is ALWAYS backing down even though his PAC is named @NvrBackDown24.”

DeSantis’s top communications staffer, Christina Pushaw, was Loomered and refused to answer on DeSantis’s campaign failures.

Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis have been fully exposed as globalists. Iowans must reject these globalist clowns and deliver President Trump a historic Iowa Caucus victory.

Charles Downs