Ron DeSantis suffered yet another embarrassment in Iowa. This time, a DeSantis Iowa Town Hall attendee handed the Florida Governor a participation trophy at his Iowa event. DeSantis has had a rough time in Iowa, receiving significant backlash after his staff instructed law enforcement to remove journalist Laura Loomer from his Iowa event. However, DeSantis could not escape Loomer and was Loomered Friday at his hotel.

Video from DeSantis’s Atlantic, Iowa event shows a man approaching DeSantis with a trophy. The man then handed DeSantis the trophy and said, ” Real quick, before we get started, Governor DeSantis, I want to hand you this participation trophy. Now, you probably aren’t going to win the election, but we want to thank you for trying.”

DeSantis, who looked excited at first, thinking someone was presenting him with an award, quickly turned his face to sad. He responded by saying, ” I do not take participation trophies.” Casey DeSantis then pushed the man away.

DeSantis has had a hard time in Iowa. Team DeSantis faced harsh backlash after a video showed them instructing law enforcement to remove journalist Laura Loomer and Marni Hackenberg, the daughter of Iowa U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley’s Committee Man and a founding member of the Republican Jewish Coalition and Iowans Supporting Israel, from DeSantis’s Ankeny, Iowa, event.

Earlier this week, DeSantis’s staff moved his car to avoid Loomer’s questioning as DeSantis was leaving one of his Iowa events. Loomer was still able to fire off questions to DeSantis, saying, “why he abandoned Florida, the state in which he’s GOVERNOR, immediately after declaring a state of emergency yesterday, when he has no path to victory in his failed Presidential campaign since he’s polling at 14% in Iowa, and 5% in New Hampshire.”

DeSantis could not escape Loomer as he was Loomered at his hotel on Friday. Video from the Loomering shows DeSantis running into the hotel store in an attempt to avoid Loomer. DeSantis then stands in the store, does not purchase anything, and eventually leaves, reluctantly walking into Loomer’s questioning. Loomer’s caption of her video Loomering DeSantis reads, ” I confronted DeSantis as he was walking into his hotel, and he hid from me inside the hotel convenience store and used his staffers, including @Kelly_Kundinger, to physically block my body. His staff also shoved me and tugged on my clothing so that DeSantis could get away from me and run into an elevator. But, I didn’t back down!!!!!”

Loomer announced, “I will be giving away $2,000 total in cash prizes ($250 per video, up to 8 winners) to whoever can film themselves peacefully confronting and asking a relevant question to either @NikkiHaley or @RonDeSantis. To submit a video, reply to the pinned tweet on my account and tag BOTH myself @LauraLoomer and @LoomerUnleashed.”

DeSantis’s paranoia has deeply cost him in Iowa by exposing him as a uniparty robot who can not go off script. This further proves DeSantis does not have the skills necessary to be President of the United States.

Charles Downs