Ron DeSantis was Loomered in Des Moines, Iowa, on Friday. DeSantis had been trying his hardest to avoid Loomer during his time in Iowa, even embracing Democrat tactics by instructing law enforcement to threaten Loomer with arrest to force her to leave his event.

The video begins with DeSantis running into the hotel store in an attempt to avoid Loomer. DeSantis then stands in the store, does not purchase anything, and eventually leaves, reluctantly walking into Loomer’s questioning. Loomer’s caption of her video Loomering DeSantis reads, ” I confronted DeSantis as he was walking into his hotel, and he hid from me inside the hotel convenience store and used his staffers, including @Kelly_Kundinger, to physically block my body. His staff also shoved me and tugged on my clothing so that DeSantis could get away from me and run into an elevator. But, I didn’t back down!!!!!”

Loomer continued, writing, ” I asked DeSanctus if he plans on endorsing President Trump when DeSantis loses the Iowa Caucus on Monday, January 15, 2024. I asked him why he is an ABSENTEE GOVERNOR who unethically changed the law in Florida so he could run for President on taxpayer dime and keep his Gubernatorial salary while he abandoned Floridians during multiple storms and an insurance crisis. I asked him why he is ALWAYS backing down even though his PAC is named @NvrBackDown24.”


Photos from the Loomering show the incident caused DeSantis’s face to make an extremely fearful expression. Loomer commented on DeSantis’s facial expression, writing, “I got him as he was walking into his hotel, and he hid from me inside the hotel convenience store. His staff shoved me so that he could get away from me. But, I didn’t back down! Ron’s soul literally left his body when he saw me.”

Earlier in the week, DeSantis attempted to avoid Loomer by instructing his staff to back his car up at different angles to avoid Loomer’s questioning. Loomer was still able to fire off a question to DeSantis, saying, ” Hey Ron, there is a state of emergency in Florida and you are polling at 14% in Iowa, when are you going to drop out? Shouldn’t you be in Florida right now, dealing with the state of emergency? You are polling at 5% in New Hampshire. There is no path to victory. Three weeks ago, Ron, you said you would win Iowa, and last night, you said you would lower your expectations. Time to drop out Ron, 90,000 Floridians without power.”

Last week, Ron DeSantis’s staff called the police on journalist Laura Loomer and Marni Hackenberg, the daughter of Iowa U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley’s Committee Man and a founding member of the Republican Jewish Coalition and Iowans Supporting Israel. Law enforcement was called because Loomer and Hackenberg attended his Ankeny, Iowa, event. Loomer captioned the incident, writing, “You know who isn’t “on 1st? @RonDeSantis, because he’s not in 1st place in Iowa, and he doesn’t support the 1st Amendment! How ironic!”

Following the event, Loomer revealed that Team DeSantis lied to the Iowa restaurant owners and told them that Loomer was causing trouble at the event when, in reality, video footage shows Loomer was just sitting on the second floor when law enforcement approached and threatened her with arrest if she did not leave the property.

Ron DeSantis has really made a fool out of himself in Iowa. His embracement of Democrat tactics towards journalists he disagrees with backfired, and even worse for DeSantis, his DNC tactics towards Loomer failed as she was still able to confront him. DeSantis will have a long flight back to Florida on Monday night following the Iowa Caucus.