Nikki Haley’s staff assaulted a Missouri National Guardsman who was taking video while his sister Valentina Gomez was asking Haley a question during the question and answer portion of her Ankeny, Iowa event. Earlier in the week, Haley’s staff hit Loomer Unleashed correspondent Charles Downs with a campaign sign after he asked Haley if she would call on Stand for America Pac, a super pac supporting her, to return their quarter of a million dollar donation from Jeffrey Epstein associate Reid Hoffman. Last week, Haley’s staff used law enforcement to threaten journalist Laura Loomer with arrest if she did not leave Haley’s Iowa event. Haley has embraced the DNC’s playbook of removing media she disapproves of.

Video from Haley’s Iowa event shows staff telling the Missouri National Guardsman, “No filming,” while he was taking video of his sister Valentina Gomez asking Haley a question about her profits from the defense contractor industry during the question and answer segment of Haley’s event. Multiple Haley staffers then began to push Gomez’s brother. The video ends with security removing him from the event.

This video puts to rest the notion that Haley is attempting to sell to voters that she is the best candidate for military members and their families. Loomer reposted the video and wrote, “Shame on@NikkiHaley’s campaign for assaulting a National Guardsman over filming. Nikki Haley is the most insulated Presidential candidate ever. Her staff literally want everything to be scripted!!!!”

Earlier in the week, Haley’s staff hit Loomer Unleashed Reporter Charles Downs with a campaign sign after he asked her, “Governor, will you call on your Stand for America PAC to return Reid Hoffman’s donation in light of the Epstein documents?”

Last week, Haley staffers instructed law enforcement to arrest journalist Laura Loomer if she did not leave Haley’s Iowa town hall. Video from the event shows a Haley staffer standing behind two police officers who are telling Loomer that Team Haley is instructing them to remove Loomer from the event. As this is happening, other media members are taking their spots to cover the town hall.

The video of this incident has over 13 million views. Loomer commented on the incident, writing, “Nikki Haley clearly doesn’t support free speech. For someone who likes to pretend to be anti-dictator, she sure is acting like a dictator by using the police to have women removed from her events. Way to enforce the concept of weaponized government on the 3 year anniversary of January 6, Nikki!”

Loomer was going to ask was about Haley’s alleged affairs with her staffers. A 2010 affidavit reads, “I was employed by S.C. Rep. Nikki Haley from early 2007 until March of 2008 as a communications consultant. As I have stated publicly, during that time, Rep. Haley and I engaged in an inappropriate physical relationship that included numerous instances of inappropriate sexual contact.” Team Haley likely knew this question would be asked. Again, why is Haley hiding from key questions that GOP voters deserve to have answers to?

Nikki Haley understands that her policies are deeply unpopular with Iowa voters. This is why she is banning journalists and activists who want to ask Haley hard questions at her Iowa events.

Charles Downs