Ron DeSantis ran scared from Loomer at the Associated Contractors of America Conference at the Holiday Inn in Des Moines, Iowa. Loomer was still able to ask DeSantis why he left Florida just hours after he declared a state of emergency after severe storms knocked out power to over 90,000 Floridians. Unsurprisingly, DeSantis refused to answer. The Florida Governor has received criticism from across the political spectrum for his failure to perform his duties as Florida Governor during his presidential run. DeSantis has also received heavy criticism for using law enforcement to remove Loomer and other Trump supporters from his Iowa event.

The video from the event shows DeSantis’s vehicle backing up in an effort to avoid Loomer’s question. Luckily, their efforts failed and Loomer was still able to ask DeSantis, ” Hey Ron, there is a state of emergency in Florida and you are polling at 14% in Iowa, when are you going to drop out? Shouldn’t you be in Florida right now, dealing with the state of emergency? You are polling at 5% in New Hampshire. There is no path to victory. Three weeks ago, Ron, you said you would win Iowa, and last night, you said you would lower your expectations. Time to drop out Ron, 90,000 Floridians without power.”

Loomer captioned the video, writing, “I asked @GovRonDeSantis why he abandoned Florida, the state in which he’s GOVERNOR, immediately after declaring a state of emergency yesterday, when he has no path to victory in his failed Presidential campaign since he’s polling at 14% in Iowa, and 5% in New Hampshire. He saw me, and immediately slammed the door to his SUV after hearing my voice. @RonDeSantis IS AN ABSENTEE GOVERNOR!”

Records from the Florida Emergency Management show that DeSantis declared a state of emergency in 47 of the 67 counties in Florida before jetting off to Iowa for his CNN debate, where he joined fellow globalist Nikki Haley in an hour-long Trump trashing fest in Des Moines.

Last week, Ron DeSantis directed his team to tell the police to remove Loomer and Marni Hackenberg, the daughter of Iowa U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley’s Committee Man and a founding member of the Republican Jewish Coalition and Iowans Supporting Israel, from his Ankeny, Iowa, event. The video of this incident has over 5 million views. Loomer commented on the incident, writing, “You know who isn’t “on 1st”? @RonDeSantis, because he’s not in 1st place in Iowa, and he doesn’t support the 1st Amendment! How ironic!”

Following the event, Loomer revealed that Team DeSantis lied to the restaurant owners and told them that Loomer was causing trouble at the event when, in reality, video footage shows Loomer was just sitting on the second floor when law enforcement approached and threatened her with arrest if she did not leave the property.

Ron DeSantis’s desperation to avoid hard questions at all costs proves that the Florida Governor knows that his globalist-backed policies and abandonment of Florida are unpopular with GOP voters.